2022 Scholarships

As an educator of many years, I have had the joy of seeing the positive impact education has on young women on a daily basis. It informs who we are as adults – our relationships, our success in our careers, how we adapt to challenging situations.  It shapes our lives.

A St Hilda’s education is a privilege and we feel a responsibility to share this as widely as possible.

The disrupted scholarship process this year gave us pause to reflect on how we want to move forward in this area. We believe it is our moral obligation to allow students who may not have the means to attend, but who would flourish in our learning environment, the opportunity to experience a St Hilda’s education.

Over the last few years, I believe that the core purpose of scholarships and why they exist at St Hilda’s, has been a little lost. In a competitive schooling environment, the purpose of scholarships has become blurred. As we celebrate 125 years next year, I do believe it is time to return to the core purpose of a St Hilda’s Scholarship – to provide a St Hilda’s education to a girl who would not have the opportunity, due to financial means, to attend. With this in mind, the School Executive Team have reviewed the criteria supporting our 2022 Scholarships.

Scholarships in 2022 are based on a student’s ability to thrive academically, and across other areas of the school e.g. music.

The following needs-based scholarships are available in 2022 (please note that applications must include financial details):

  • St Hilda’s General Excellence Scholarships (Awarded to Year 7 students for Years 7-12)
  • Jill Clarke Boarding Scholarship (Awarded to a Year 10 boarder for Years 10 -12)
  • JB ‘Pete’ Craig Scholarship (Awarded to a Year 11 student for Years 11-12)
  • Boarding Scholarships (Awarded to Year 7 students for Years 7-12)
  • Una Mitchell Scholarship (Awarded to a Year 12 boarder)

The following merit-based scholarships are available in 2022:

  • St Hilda’s General Excellence Scholarships (Awarded to Year 7 students for Years 7-12)
  • Old Scholars Association (Awarded to a Year 7 student for Years 7-10)
  • Old Scholars Association Ammonite Scholarship (Awarded to a Year 11 student for Years 11-12)

We will not be holding academic exams to determine our scholarship intake. Instead we are looking at the whole of the girl – their commitment, drive and community spirit.

We will continue to run our Madalah Indigenous Scholarship program after such a successful start with 11 new students commencing with us next year. This program opens on February 8 next year and runs through until July.

The scholarship process will commence early next year and further details of our 2022 scholarships will be available on our website for those who are interested.  You may know a family who you feel could benefit from a St Hilda’s education so please encourage them to register their interest.

Fiona Johnston