A Fragrant Affair

While the Summer school holidays are often a time to wind down and relax, Year 8 student Freya…

While the Summer school holidays are often a time to wind down and relax, Year 8 student Freya had a different plan!  

Putting on her entrepreneurial hat, Freya has now launched her own candle fragrance business, A Fragrant Affair. 

After attending a science workshop late last year, Freya was inspired around the technology, robotics, and python programming elements it covered.  

“I chose candle making because I wanted something that was very engaging, something that would keep me occupied and not bored” explains Freya. 

“I also really love science and candle making is sort of like a little science project.”  

So how does one bring this idea to life? Freya highlights there were three major steps to the launch of A Fragrant Affair 

“First, I needed to create it online so that meant I had to set myself up as a sole trading entity. Then I had to set up my ABN to be legally registered in Australia.” 

“Then I had to set up the name. I tried out a few different names which lead to A Fragrant Affair.” 

“Lastly, I used an online platform to create a website. There were a few steps to create this and then once that was completed, I got the materials. I researched three wholesale suppliers in Australia. I wanted to choose something that was in Australia because I wanted it to be a local business.”  

To make the candle, Freya melts the wax at 85 degrees and then adds fragrance until it is ready to be poured. Once poured, she places the wick in the centre and waits two days before it is ready to be distributed.  

Freya has created six unique fragrances: crème brulee, lemon meringue, river mint, bush iris and bush walk, coconut dream and cherry blossom. 

“Crème brulee is my favourite. It is sweet and everyone loves food. Fragrances and candles are meant to be bold and strong and when you burn them it is meant to create a nice, sweet aroma. It ticks all the boxes.”   

Freya believes that subjects learnt in school, particularly Economics, Maths, Science and English have helped her in the journey to learning how to run a business.  

“Being only 13 it is quite an achievement and I am quite proud that I created it. I know it is not finished yet and there will be a lot more challenges that will come my way and I am very hopeful that I will be able to tackle those as I go.” 

Freya has begun planning the wider promotion of her business, using guerrilla and social media marketing to reach her target audience. With the St Hilda’s ESSTEAM Program launching across Years 5 – 10 next year, we look forward to seeing Freya’s journey and how this program will aid her entrepreneurial journey.