2017 WACE Results

133 of our students completed an academic program to gain university entrance by the Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR).  This means that they studied at least four ATAR courses during Year 12.  Of these students who applied for University Entrance, 130 are eligible for a university place in WA because they achieved above the threshold ATAR for university entry or met the portfolio entry requirements.

Of the 143 Year 12 students eligible, 97.4% achieved the Western Australian Certificate of Education.

Summary of Achievement

On the basis of the ATAR, St Hilda’s students achieved the following results:

Top StudentsCourse Results

In terms of individual course results, St Hilda’s was listed nineteen times as having the highest performing students. The course listing is based on the percentage of students at each school who had Year 12 ATAR course combined scores in the top 15 percent of all students in that course.  In order to be included on the list, there must be a minimum of 10 students in the course. The courses are wide ranging and include the following.

Business Management and Enterprise
French: Second Language
Human Biology
Mathematics Applications
Mathematics Specialist
Modern History
Physical Education Studies
Politics and Law
Visual Arts

General Exhibitions

Six students were awarded a General Exhibition:

Results of 99.00 and above

Certificates of Excellence

Sixteen Certificates of Excellence were awarded to our students.  These are awarded to students in the top 0.5% of candidates based on the examination mark in an ATAR course.

Congratulations to:
Sophie Fang Lin
Emma Harrington 
Grace Chow
Olivia Ickeringill
Chloe Jones Economics
Emma Harrington
Anne Leven-Marcon
Rhiannon Panting
Sabine Higgins Materials Design and Technology
Akanksha Das
Sophie Fang Lin
Claudia Sullivan
Mathematics Methods
Emma Steinepreis
Amy Vanderhor
Modern History
Olivia Caldow Physical Education Studies
Charlotte Salom Politics and Law

Certificates of Distinction

Forty nine graduates were awarded Certificates of Distinction for outstanding school achievement. These students accrued 190-200 points from 20 Year 11 and Year 12 units.

Congratulations to:
Sophie Anderson
Sai Varsha Balasa
Olivia Caldow
Novita Carolina
Isabel Clegg
Sophie Colton
Paris Crawford
Henri Currie
Akanksha Das
Devma DeSilva
Indira Devenish
Ailish Dey
Louise D'Souza
Sophie Fang Lin
Emily Graham
Emma Harrington
Elodie Hayward
Olivia Ickeringill
Chloe Jones
Anne Leven-Marcon
Rachel Lobo
Claire Long
Bridget McMurray
Martha Mellor
Mariella Panegyres
Rhiannon Panting
Lauren Parker
Lily Paterson
Ella Raffan
Madhura Ray
Charlotte Salom
Cassandra Shallcross
Charlotte Sofield
Molly Stafford
Ariella Steinberg
Emma Steinepreis
Clementine Stoddart
Isabella Suleski
Claudia Sullivan
Annie Sutherland
Stephanie Tan
Ella Thubron
Amy Vanderhor
Holly Varney
Chloe Walker Crinyion
Caitlin Ward
Madeline Warman
Ruby Wiese
Lizzy Yu


Certificates of Merit

Forty three students were awarded Certificates of Merit for excellent school achievement. These students accrued 150-189 points from 20 Year 11 and Year 12 units.

Congratulations to:
Sofia Bekir Fuente
Ella Berson
Ella Boetcher
Kendal Bowes
Yoveena Brian
Josephine Brierley
Bhavya Chhikara
Grace Chow
Charlotte Craig
Elektra Darvall
Mia Dorsett-Sawyer
Natalie Felstead
Sophie Fenna
Isobel Ferguson
Ella Fitzpatrick
Lauren Fletcher
Emmeline Fraser-Gillard
Tahtyana Gaudieri
Eliza Gnauck
Charlotte Goodwin
Amelia Hawkings
Georgina Higgins
Sabine Higgins
Florence Hopkins
Georgia Humphry
Isabella Kruk
Madeline Lee
Abbey Leeming
Annaleigh Maclean
Saskia Mason
Lydia Matthews
Anna McConachy
Lucy Moran
Sofia Ottaviano
Mary Pethick
Lara Plowman
Cassidy Rebelo
Isabel Seton-Browne
Saasha Skirving
Julia Sladden
Tia Van Heurck
Roisin Whelan
Charlotte White

Vocational Educational Training results

10 Year 12 students completed vocational educational certificates this year and may use these certificates to apply for State Training Provider entry. Certificates achieved include:

Certificate III in Sport and Recreation
Certificate IV in Business
Certificate III in Education Support
Certificate IV in Education Support
Certificate II in Tourism