2016 WACE Results

We are very proud to advise that the Year 12 students of 2016 have achieved strong WACE results.

Of the 139 Year 12 students eligible, 99.3% achieved the Western Australian Certificate of Education.

Summary of Achievement

On the basis of the ATAR, St Hilda’s students achieved the following results:

90.2% of units completed were ATAR course units.

Course Results

In terms of individual course results, St Hilda’s was listed thirteen times as having the highest performing students. The course listing is based on the percentage of students at each school who had Year 12 ATAR course combined scores in the top 15 percent of all students in that course. In order to be included on the list, there must be a minimum of 10 students in the course. The courses are wide ranging and include the following:

Accounting and Finance Mathematics Specialist
Chemistry Modern History 
Drama Physics
French: Second Language Politics and Law
Geography Psychology
Human Biology Visual Arts


General Exhibitions

One student was awarded a General Exhibition.

These are awarded to the 50 students with the highest score based on an average of five courses, with at least two from List A and two from List B.

Subject exhibitions

Two students achieved Subject Exhibitions for the highest examination mark in an ATAR course.

Certificates of Excellence

Nine Certificates of Excellence were awarded to our students. These are awarded to students in the top 0.5% of candidates based on the examination mark in an ATAR course.

Certificates of Distinction

Thirty eight graduates (27%) were awarded Certificates of Distinction, which are based on unit grades achieved and the level of course difficulty. Students who accrue 190-200 have a majority of A grades in ATAR courses, of which 10 units must be Year 12 units. Students who achieve 200 points have achieved A grades in all 20 units completed (an A grade in an ATAR course = 10 points, a B grade in an ATAR course = 9 points).

Congratulations to:
Laura-Anne Aitken Marissa Forbes Rosie Peden
Annabelle Atkins Hillary Forrest Sophie Rowney
Noelli Bariacto Mai Hoang Madeleine Sandl
Siobhan Blake Celeste Kalnenas Eleanor Shenton
Molly Boschetti Gabrielle Le Miere Isobel Smith
Georgia Boxley Ann Linehan Olivia Tan
Vania Carolina Rebecca Lyden Maduvanthi Venkatesan
Lucy Craske Claudine Mah Maggie Wang
Ella Crust Natasha Mehl Jasmine Wu
Chloe Dutton Matilda Nelson Shuyue Yang
Hazel Dutton Victoria Newman Isobel Yates
Anna Fischer Victoria Parker Darcie Young
Olivia Fitzpatrick Emily Parkinson  


Certificates of Merit

Thirty students (22%) were awarded Certificates of Merit. These are awards are based on the School grades awarded to students in ATAR and General Courses. These awards are based on the School grades achieved by students in ATAR and General Courses and VET qualifications. Students accrued between 150-189 points from 20 Year 11 and 12 Units of which at least 10 must be Year 12 Units.

Congratulations to:
Annie Aird Isabelle Honey Grace Shao
Laura Bennett Lucy Irvine Rebecca Smith
Kelsey Bowes Stella Kelly Sophie Smith
Rachel Bright Wing Chi Lo Jane Storm
Samantha Carr Phoebe Longmire Madison Taylor
Hei Lam Chin Rana Massoudi Maeher Trisal
Sirling Chuah Rhea Pereira Stephanie Wong
Alisha Cleary Sarah Robson Abbey Woodhams
Alisa Dowson Isabel Rowley Sarah Woolhouse
Naomi Hermans Scarlet Roxby Lucy Wu


Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking of 99.00 and over

The following students achieved an ATAR of over 99.00 and deserve special mention.

Student Ranking
Celeste Kalnenas 99.90
Olivia Fitzpatrick 99.80
Isobel Smith 99.75
Emily Parkinson 99.65
Ann Linehan 99.55
Lucy Craske 99.50
Samantha Carr 99.35
Jasmine Wu   99.30
Maduvanthi Venkatesan 99.25
Rebecca Lyden 99.15
Eleanor Shenton 99.15
Hei Lam Chin 99.10
Natasha Mehl 99.00
Olivia Tan 99.00