Our Approach

Catherine House
Senior School

St Hilda's has been educating girls for more than a century, growing from a small school established in a private house in Claremont in 1896 to become one of Australia's pre-eminent independent girls schools. Today, we have an enrolment of over 1200 students, including boys in the Early Learning Centre, and 150 boarders. Christ Church Grammar School in nearby Claremont is our brother school.

Located in Mosman Park, we have two beautiful and distinct campuses: one at Chidley for students in Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and up to Year 6 and the original campus on Bay View Terrace accommodating the Senior School and the Boarding House.

St Hilda's is proud of its enviable academic record, which is the result of hard work by its students and dedicated teaching staff. The fact that each year almost every girl who wants to proceed to tertiary education is able to do so speaks for itself.

Beyond the academic excellence which St Hilda's pursues it proudly offers all its students an education strong in traditional values of honesty, hard work, respect and academic rigour, designed to prepare each student to be future-ready.

The School aims to equip students to take their place in life, to meet the challenges which inevitably lie ahead and to make their unique mark in the world. It also aims to provide them with wonderful memories of school life and friendships to treasure forever. School should, after all, be fun too.

Our Purpose:

To provide a vibrant school community that educates and inspires girls for life.

Our Vision:

Preparing girls for the future by developing tenacity, confidence and compassion.

Our Values:

Excellence – We encourage the pursuit of personal best in all areas and respect the achievements of others. We have a lifelong commitment to the quest for knowledge.

Respect – We value sensitivity and concern for the well being of others. This means being caring, compassionate and honest. We learn in a safe and supportive school environment, while respecting our natural environment and cultural heritage.

Inclusion – We acknowledge that we are a diverse community and must have regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others in everything we do. We value diversity of cultural expression.

Justice – We are committed to participation and citizenship. We promote democratic processes and social justice. We believe in fairness and equity for the achievement of a just responsible society.

School should, after all, be fun too.

As a leading educational institution, St Hilda's needs to constantly upgrade and develop facilities. The generosity of our school community has enabled the recent completion of a state-of-the-art Junior School on the Chidley Campus. The Bay View Campus has also undergone a dramatic transformation with the completion of a high-tech, geothermally heated Olympic-sized swimming pool, a 900-seat Performing Arts Centre and a Science building.

St Hilda's is more than a school: it is a community and a way of life. Parents are actively encouraged to be part of their girls' education with a thriving P&F Association, volunteer Year representatives, support associations for Sport, Drama, Music and the Library and numerous other volunteer opportunities. Many parents continue to remain part of the school community through the Whitby Association Parents' Group after their daughter's graduation.

The Old Scholars Association actively encourages networking opportunities with mentoring sessions available for students who are interested in meeting with successful old scholars from a myriad of industries. This is achieved with reunions and publications which help to foster a tight-knit community of dynamic women.