School Houses

School Houses

As part of a dynamic pastoral care structure, the School operates a House system. Each family - granddaughters, daughters, sisters and cousins - is allocated to one House, thus there is fierce House loyalty.

Solid friendships are often formed at School and within Houses. Girls are separated into Wellbeing groups by their House, with 2 Wellbeing groups per House per Year. These groups consist of approximately 14 to 19 girls, and each has a teacher from the School acting as a Tutor. Wellbeing groups meet every morning before classes for 15 minutes and for 1 period a week.

Leadership opportunities arise for students in Year 6 in the Junior School and Year 12 in the Senior School.

The first Houses were established in the 1930s by Miss Catherine Small, with De Grey being added in 1954 and are all named after Western Australian rivers:

Blackwood (Blue)

Blackwood House Coordinators
Junior School: Peta Burnham 
Senior School: Helen Thompson

De Grey (Yellow)

De Grey House Coordinators
Junior School: Beth Stubbs
Senior School: Sandra Naude 

Fitzroy (Red)

Fitzroy House Coordinators
Junior School: Kerry Pemberton
Senior School: Vicki McAlinden

Gascoyne (Green)

Gascoyne House Coordinators
Junior School: Jamie Pearce
Senior School: Sarah Williams