St Hilda's Foundation (Inc)

The Foundation is a body incorporated under the authority and upon the initiative of the School Council of St Hilda's in 1987 to secure the School's financial independence.

The main focus of the Foundation Board is the prudent investment of the Foundation funds in order to establish a firm base for the long term financial security and independence of the School. The School makes available a proportion of the confirming fees to assist in increasing the corpus.

The Foundation has generously supported the School's Master Plan. The most recent contribution was to the Nicholas Rinehart Science Centre in 2014. The support of the Foundation and the generosity of the St Hilda's community has meant that we have completed a 20 year Master Plan in 15 years. Today's students are the beneficiaries of this philanthropy.

The St Hilda's Foundation also offers a scholarship based on academic excellence and financial need. The Scholarship is for up to 100% of the tuition fees and is available for the six years of Senior School.

Foundation Board members 2020:

Mr Sherif Andrawes (President)
Mr Douglas Craig (Treasurer)
Mr Rob Breden
Mrs Libby Kelsall
Mrs Joanne Lester
Mrs Kate Owenell 
Mr Campbell Smyth