Strategic Plan

St Hilda's Reimagined is designed with our future 2030 graduates in mind.

St Hilda’s was recognised at the 2022 Australian Education Awards as the winner of the Best School Strategic Plan Award, hosted by The Educator. St Hilda’s Reimagined was a 12 month journey of research, design, consultation and delivery. It is forward-thinking, ambitious and designed for the 2030 graduate in mind to ensure that a St Hilda’s education reflects the new models of education for the fourth industrial revolution.

Visualising the future of St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls involved a shared imagination and setting our sights high. We commenced our initial thinking with two leading questions posed by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Future of Education and Skills Project 2030 –

  • What knowledge, skills, attitudes and values will today’s students need to thrive and shape their world? and
  • How can schools develop these knowledge, skills, attitudes and values effectively?

Our students will be faced with increasingly complex challenges that require diverse thinking and creative problem solving. They will face times when there are no solutions in sight. A global outlook and the ability to tackle complex problems through teamwork and collaboration is essential. St Hilda’s believes that the development of character and the explicit building of our students’ capacity for action and influence is a moral endeavour.

St Hilda’s Reimagined aims are to put St Hilda’s at the forefront of education, leading the way for other schools in Australia and beyond. Our future focus reflects worldwide shifts in learning environments and technology while still honouring and respecting our traditions, heritage and importantly the spirit of St Hilda’s that we all know and love.

Leading education in a period of radical change presents many opportunities for St Hilda’s. In order to thrive, St Hilda’s is committed to responding and adapting effectively to change and its accompanying opportunities.

Key to St Hilda’s strategic success is our community’s ability to embrace, rather than fear change.

As we celebrate 125 years as a leading school in Perth WA, we transition into a period of renewal and revitalisation. New strategic priorities and initiatives have been designed to ensure the school maximises the performance of its current operations while identifying new growth opportunities for our students and potential disruptive threats in the future.

We believe that St Hilda’s Reimagined allows us to realise its potential and thrive.

Our commitment to looking outwards and creating a culture of collaboration and strong networks of innovation is unwavering. We are committed to a co-created future and believe in a shared understanding and collective ownership in making St Hilda’s Reimagined a reality.

Together we have generated a clear blueprint for our community to ensure that a St Hilda’s education reflects the new models of education for the fourth industrial revolution.

St Hilda’s Reimagined has been guided by the principles of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

We believe our Purpose, Vision, Values and Strategic Pillars will, together, spark extraordinary futures for our students. We would like to thank staff, students past and present, parents, School Executive and School Council for opening our eyes to future possibilities.

In an ever-changing educational landscape, St Hilda’s Reimagined acts as a guiding blueprint, not a definitive plan. Continual review and recalibration will be important as we stay tuned to new possibilities, adapt and pivot when needed and commit to embracing opportunities to influence and inspire, beyond St Hilda’s. A culture of continuous improvement, adaptation and reinvention is a must.

How Schools of the Future will Look

  • Global citizenship skills;
  • Innovation and creativity skills;
  • Technology skills;
  • Interpersonal skills;
  • Personalised and self-paced learning;
  • Accessibility and inclusive learning;
  • Problem based and collaborative learning;
  • Lifelong and student driven learning.

    (World Economic Forum, 2020)