The Benefits of Attending an All-Girls School in Perth

In recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of all girls schools across Australia. Compared to co-educational schools, an all girls school provides a unique environment that allows girls to thrive academically while building self-confidence. With single-sex education, girls can focus on their own development without the social pressures or distractions from the opposite gender.

Here, we explore the many benefits of attending an all girls school in Perth, WA, and how it can impact a student’s experience and formative years.

The Spirit of St Hilda’s


How Many Girls’ Schools are there in WA?

St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls is one of the 10 private secondary and combined girls’ schools located in Western Australia, specifically in Perth. This prestigious institution is part of a network of schools dedicated to providing a high-quality education for girls.


The Academic Advantage of an All Girls School

Girls in all-girls schools tend to perform better academically than their peers in co-ed schools. Studies show that girls in all-girls environments tend to have more confidence, and willingness to participate in STEM subjects, historically a male-dominated space. Comparatively, in co-ed schools, girls are more likely to self-select out of STEM subjects, suggesting that these stereotypes can be somewhat ingrained.

Girls in all-girls schools have female role models in visible positions of authority, which can inspire them to pursue their academic goals. The curriculum can be tailored to girls’ learning styles, with healthy competition fostering ambition. All-girls schools provide a more supportive and empowering environment, which can lead to higher test scores and more opportunities for leadership roles. Additionally, the absence of male peers allows girls to speak up more in class and engage fully without fear of judgment.

Why Choose a Girls School?

Whilst there are advantages to co-education too, all girls schools cater better to girls’ learning styles and provide a culture of achievement, which can lead to higher academic performance and more successful graduates. As a proud member of International Coalition of Girl’s Schools, further research as to why choosing a girls’ school is beneficial can be found on their website.

Developing Social Skills

Attending an all-girls school can have a significant impact on a student’s learning and shape their identity during their formative teen years. Here are some of the social benefits of attending an all-girls school:

  • Strong Female Friendships and Support Networks: Girls learn to form strong female friendships and support networks through shared interests, values, and experiences, which can last a lifetime.
  • Leadership Skills: Girls practice and learn leadership skills through co-curricular clubs, teams, and committees. They can take on challenges, try new things, and follow their own path.
  • Freedom to Be Themselves: Without social pressures to impress boys, girls can be themselves. They can engage fully in class without fear of judgment. The sense of community and interdependence creates a foundation for building confidence.


Building Self-Esteem During Formative Years

A positive school culture is essential for building self-esteem and confidence in young women. All-girls schools foster this culture with a holistic approach by providing a safe and supportive environment where girls can be themselves without self-consciousness. Girls can try new activities without fear of judgment, which can lead to positive body image and self-acceptance as a foundation.

A study from the Australian Gender Equality Council studied how the gender mix in schools affects confidence. Dr Terrance Fitzsimmons of the University of Queensland found that girls and women are less confident in mixed-sex environments such as schools and workplaces and, importantly are equally as confident as males when in and from single-sex (female) environments.

All-girls schools provide learning environments free from gender stereotyping and give young women the confidence to continue with their chosen pathways.


All Girls School Community

All-girls schools in Perth foster tight-knit communities that become like a second family. A 2019 study of Western Australian girls’ schools found that a sense of belonging was key to combatting anxiety. The schools that were studied showed lower rates of depression than national averages. Parents also appreciate the safe environment and high-quality pastoral care. Through charities, community spirit events, and outreach, these schools empower students to enact positive change.

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Preparing for the Future

Many Perth all-girls schools have robust programs to help students guide and define their university studies and future careers. Guest speakers, alumni, and mentors provide a diverse range of female role models and inspiration.

Students receive targeted advice on stereotypes and challenges women face in the workplace. By Year 12, girls have the skills and self-assurance to pursue male-dominated fields like business, law, and STEM, if so inclined. The old-scholar networks also help open doors to internships and jobs after graduation.

St Hilda’s Strategic Plan was designed with our future 2030 graduates in mind and was the winner of the 2022 Australian Education Awards for the Best School Strategic Plan.

While views differ on the ideal school environment, the potential benefits of all-girls education are clear. All-girls schools provide a supportive and empowering environment where girls can thrive academically and socially. They foster a sense of community and promote gender equality, which can help young women succeed in life. For parents debating the best options, Perth’s top all-girls schools give girls the space to learn, grow, and thrive.