Exploring an Anglican School Education for Girls

Anglican schools have a long and rich history in Australia, with many prestigious schools established since the 19th century. These schools aim to provide academic excellence within a values-based environment shaped by Anglican traditions and Christian beliefs. While an Anglican school has religious origins, it welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds.

This article explores an Anglican girls’ school education in Perth, looking at their values, daily life, co-curricular activities, and preparation for the future.

Whilst each school is different, we explore what makes an Anglican education distinctive for girls seeking a holistic approach focused on nurturing intellect, character, spirituality, and service.

St Hilda’s Anglican Faith


What is an Anglican School?

An Anglican school is a place where students are nurtured in a Christian environment. St Hilda’s is proud to be an Anglican school. We are committed to providing an education that is underpinned by the values and teachings of the Anglican Church. Our school community is inclusive and respectful, inviting everyone to share in the story of Jesus and experience God’s love.

The Anglican approach is shaped by six key pillars: faith, reason, worship, inclusion, character, and service. Anglican identity is woven throughout school life but in an inclusive, invitational way. Anglican schools welcome staff and students from all backgrounds while exploring Christian spirituality, character, and global citizenship.

Many leading Perth schools, like St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, have long and prestigious histories, with traditions and alumni networks spanning over 100 years. All Perth Anglican schools share a commitment to holistic education that addresses the intellectual, social, ethical, and spiritual development of students.

At St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, our identity is shaped by our values, vision, and purpose.


Daily Life at an Anglican Girls’ School

Anglican girls’ schools in Perth provide a structured learning environment for girls from Kindergarten to Year 12. The academic curriculum meets or exceeds national standards with a diverse range of subject choices. While faith-based, the focus is on developing the whole person intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

School life has a rhythm of chapel services, and St Hilda’s offers several opportunities to fulfil and develop an appreciation of the Anglican faith. This includes Holy Communion, Chapel service, Religious and Philosophical studies, and Community Service initiatives.

St Hilda’s Day is celebrated every year with a chapel service held for both Junior School and Senior School students at St. Georges Cathedral in the city. In Year 12, a Spirit Prefect is selected who works with the School Chaplain and Student Wellbeing to uphold the spiritual life of the School.

A strong sense of community and belonging is fostered through multi-age groupings, house systems, buddy programs between older and younger students, interschool activities, and events like camps. The learning environment provides stability, continuity, and close relationships.


Cocurricular Activities

Anglican girls’ schools like St Hilda’s offer extensive cocurricular programs in sports, creative arts, debating, community service, and leadership development. Participating in these sorts of activities outside of the classroom provides valuable life skills, building teamwork, resilience, and confidence.

Outreach and service are particularly emphasised as an expression of Christian value,s and students are often involved in fundraising, volunteering, and partnerships with charities and community groups. Immersion experiences provide an opportunity to live out compassion and service in places of need in Australia and overseas.

Annual events like music concerts, drama productions, art exhibitions, sporting competitions, and campus open days give students avenues to pursue their talents and share them with the community.


Preparing Girls for the Future

An Anglican girls’ education focuses on preparation for life, not just academics. Students gain skills in leadership, critical thinking, entrepreneurship, global citizenship, resilience, and teamwork. A nurturing environment builds confidence and self-esteem, and Year 12 students graduate as capable, compassionate young women equipped for university studies and careers.

A global focus provides opportunities for international tours, student exchanges, and engagement with worldwide issues and perspectives. Students develop a multicultural outlook and lifelong friendships across the globe.

The alumni networks of Anglican schools offer mentoring, work placements, and career guidance. Older graduates help inspire younger students still at school. The sense of community and connectedness continues beyond graduation.


Anglican girls’ schools in Perth offer a holistic approach to education that has stood the test of time. Academic excellence and personal growth go hand-in-hand within a supportive faith-based community. Students are given a strong foundation of values, character, and spirituality that guides them through life.

St Hilda’s is proud to be a member school of the Western Australian Anglican Schools Association (WAASA) and Anglican Schools Australia.

To learn more about the distinct experience of an Anglican girls’ education in Perth, connect with St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls and consider being part of a learning community that has empowered generations of young women in Perth to thrive.

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