Artists on Show

St Hilda’s is proud to support local artists through our Artists on Show exhibition.

Over the last year the School has proudly exhibited local artists in our Senior School reception. These paintings showcase the wealth of talent in our community and provide an avenue for the artists to display their work. The best part is, they are available for sale.

This term we are delighted to welcome past parent, Caroline Christie Coxon as our feature artist for Artists on Show, we are offering private tours for those interested in viewing the small exhibition in the Bay View campus reception foyer. Viewings are available every day from Tuesday 23 to Friday 26 August at 3.30pm, 4.00pm or 4.30pm

Please book in advance using the button below.


This small collection of artworks explores the results of gesture and paint processes. Both the action and the medium are fluid and produce a compelling synergy. My role facilitates and holds an action in time.

This work is process driven, focusing on the visual media itself, and the circle motif – both constants in my practice for over two decades.

The actioned fluid loop is in my work represents cycles; the beginning, and the end; the concept of endless returns that inform the evolution of all that is. The symbol is geometric in notion but the rest of what happens in these paintings is spontaneous, organic and with a life of its own.

My art centres on Circularity and Process, communicating and recording painterly happenings as visceral and dynamic, while celebrating the interconnectivity of all things.

With 3 decades of exploring and experimenting with pigmented substances I have developed techniques that allow me to create and record paint behaviours to engage in its dialogue. Sharing this visual wonderland of painterly substance is the leading intention of my art practice.

Under the regard of the viewer my art is uniquely processed and invites a personal encounter. I hope experiencing my work elicits something sensory and personal, a desire to reach and touch, respond and dialogue – to celebrate the intimacies paint brings.