Artists on Show

St Hilda’s is proud to support local artists through our Artists on Show exhibition.

Over the last 18 months, the School has proudly exhibited local artists in our Senior School reception. These paintings showcase the wealth of talent in our community and provide an avenue for the artists to display their work. The best part is, they are available for sale and a percentage of all sales from the exhibition will go towards the development of the Arts at St Hilda’s.

This semester we are delighted to welcome Fleur Marron (1996) as our feature artist for Artists on Show.

Fleur Marron is an Old Scholar and visual artist based in North Fremantle. With a professional background in energy science, messages of conservation and sustainability continue to inform her work in the visual arts. Fleur’s paintings and sculptural installations focus on the nuances of the natural environment and human behaviours within it.

If you would like to book a private viewing of Fleur’s work, please contact our Head of Philanthropy to arrange a convenient time.


Fleur has a deep emotional connection to her environment. It is within the landscape, she connects to her reflection; recognising how to value herself beyond the roles she had been accustomed, and reconnecting with her authentic identity. The vast landscapes and skyscapes of Western Australia are a continuous source of inspiration, reflection, and perspective for the artist, and foster her connection to the greater universe.

Bluebottles, Oysters and Saltlakes 

Medium – Oil on Canvas
Size – 915mm x 1220mm
Price – $1600
Description – When you’re swimming along thinking the world is your oyster, you may find yourself swimming into a side of stingers and are quickly humbled. The artist is consistently stung and always wears a wetsuit for long distance ocean swims. 


Upon Reflection; where it all began 

Medium – Oil on Canvas
Size – 1205mm x 1505mm
Price – $1900
Description – A deeply personal piece stemming from her formative years. It brings with it reflection, and sunlight. 


Great Southern Dreaming 

Medium – Oil on Canvas
Size – Diptych (2) 915mm x 1220mm
Price – $2450
Description – With two colours, the artist pursues her endeavour for impulse restraint. The artist has chosen to keep the painting at its core expression and captures the serenity that emerges from engrossing oneself in the landscape during a time of displacement. 


Biophilic Artworks; check-out the Sunset 

Medium – Mixed medium, preserved plants, timbers, found objects, enamel paint.
Size – Custom design, various sizes
Prices: Large planter pot – $795
Vases – Large $225, Small $185
Description – Biophilic works that bring nature indoors – using preserved greenery that is 100% natural but does not need soil, water or sunlight. 

Upon Reflection, by the lake 

Medium – Oil on Framed Canvas
Size – 335mm x 335mm
Price – $275
Description – During times of displacement and lost identity, solace may be found in one’s reflection in the greater landscape. 


Daydreaming; Rottnest #1 

Medium – Oil and Enamel on Canvas
Size – 300mm x 400mm
Price – Not For Sale
Description – Feet in the sand at the water’s edge, respite. 


Daydreaming; Rottnest #2 

Medium – Oil and Enamel on Canvas
Size – 9015mm x 9015mm
Price – $750
Description – There is a mixed history at Rottnest. It’s a playground; it’s a burial ground; a historical place of heinous crimes. Yet it remains a place for many of us to retreat to. 


Daydreaming; Everywhere between North Freo and Denmark 

Medium – Oil and Enamel on Canvas
Size – 1220mm x 1535mm
Price – $1900
Description – There were many years I could not paint. I would stare at the sky and dream of all the landscapes I wished to immerse myself into – that I wished I could capture on canvas. This is what it looked like in my mind.