Welcome to Boarding

We care for up to 120 girls in Years 7 to 12 who come from regional Australia as well as overseas. Our team of highly qualified staff are dedicated to creating a family atmosphere where girls make friends easily, feel comfortable and relaxed and can establish good study routines.

Our Boarding House

In 2019 St Hilda’s embarked on a multi-million dollar Boarding House refurbishment, with Stages 1 and 2 now complete.
The refurbishments included a new reception area, upgraded bedrooms and bathrooms, the creation of an enclosed gym, a sound-proof music room, larger communal spaces for the girls, a transformation of the activity room into a multi-purpose flexible recreation space and end of journey facilities for parents among other improvements.

Life as a boarder

Our Boarder’s commute to school each morning may be small, but their opportunities are far from. Life as a St Hilda’s boarder is exciting and unique, and we’d love for your daughter to experience it.

Boarding Scholarships

Awarded to girls from rural Western Australia, our Boarding Scholarships aim to provide support to students in their pursuit of academic, sporting or cultural enrichment.

Regional Visits

Visiting our regional communities is a fantastic way to catch up with current families, Old Scholars and prospective parents. Find out where we're going this year.

Urban Boarding

Working late or going away? Our Urban Boarding program means students can stay safely at school after hours and manage their time effectively with studies.