St Hilda's Plus

From supervised study time and dinner on the occasional evening, to overnight and even weekly stays, St Hilda's Plus can help students streamline their studies.

St Hilda's Plus has the following benefits...
+ Reduce the commute 
+ Focus on study
+ Nutritious meals
+ Shower facilities
+ Uniform laundry service
+ After hours supervision 

DAILY PLUS+ ($40 PER DAY, 3:30PM-9:00PM)

If 3:30pm is a little early to collect your daughter, we'll provide her with supervised study time, a nutritious dinner with the Boarders, and a chance to shower. 

By the time you pick her up, she'll be ready for some quality family time and a chance to unwind. 

Daily Plus includes the following...

+ Supervised study time
+ Co-curricular commitments (Music/Sport etc.)
+ Access to Boarding facilities 
+ Afternoon Tea 
+ Dinner 


Instead of spending time on daily commutes to and from early morning or late afternoon commitments, your daughter can stay overnight with our Boarders, making use of the wonderful facilities.

Whether it's one night or twelve, your daughter will be in a safe environment that will help her focus on study. 

Overnight Plus includes the following...

+ Supervised study time
+ Access to Boarding facilities
+ Afternoon tea, dinner, breakfast and lunch 
+ Overnight accommodation
+ Laundering of uniforms (two days or more) 

Bookings to be made 24 hours prior by email