Welcome to Boarding


St Hilda’s has been nurturing friendships in boarding since 1906. With a focus on providing an exceptional education for regional, remote and international girls. St Hilda’s has proudly educated thousands of boarding students, sparking extraordinary futures and developing girls of character and integrity.

Aligned with St Hilda’s strategic intent, our boarding culture is one of reimaging what and who they can be. Our unwavering commitment to deliver a caring, supportive and encouraging learning community is at the heart of everything we do. We are immensely proud of our boarding girls and the remarkable young women they are as they graduate from St Hilda’s.

The achievements of our boarding girls go beyond their academic progress and graduating results. Our girls are so much more. Wellbeing is at the core of every decision, initiative and program on offer at our Boarding School. Our boarders hold a significant number of leadership positions throughout the day school from Years 7-12. Our Year 11 boarders specifically, receive training and deliver peer support programs to the younger boarders, liaising closely with the boarding supervisors and ensuring that the girls are equipped to thrive away from home.

The Boarding House

The investment of $4.9m to redesign the Boarding House in 2019/2020 provided modern, open living spaces including 'end of journey' facilities and family space. An indoor gym, cooking facilities, break-out spaces, lounge rooms and a soundproof music room are just some of the design features that provide our boarding girls with a comfortable and practical living environment that reflects the everyday feel of home life.

The Boarding Team

Staffed by caring professionals, the St Hilda’s boarding house is a nurturing environment that gives girls the opportunity to form strong friendships while benefiting from a structured educational environment. Lead by Rachel Stenslunde, the team comprises a range of experienced supervisors, also referred to as house mums and is supported by the teaching, wellbeing and nursing staff.

Developing life skills

The high participation of boarding girls in community sport and recreation is a reflection of the holistic philosophy of St Hilda's. The importance of giving back to the community is demonstrated through volunteering, for example, coaching sport and leading community and school services. Our boarding students develop their life skills through extension programs such as Surf Lifesaving, Senior First Aid, Barista courses, Keys4Life, VET certificate options and leading community service initiatives that are relevant and purposeful.

Our family has had the privilege of having both our daughters board at St Hilda’s. Sending children off to board is a major decision for regional and remote families. St Hilda’s boarding facility is outstanding and beautifully represents a warm and friendly home environment.

The bond created between boarders, their wonderful housemothers and ‘sisters’ is truly something to be treasured.

We have watched our daughters grow into well balanced, independent, thoughtful young ladies and for that we are truly grateful.

Boarding family from Bullaring

Onboarding Program

St Hilda's was proudly ranked as the highest achieving non-selective school in WA in 2020. The key to our boarder's success has been the access to a tailor-made tutoring service that aligns learning outcomes with curriculum and meets the needs of all boarding students, regardless of their academic progress when they joined our community. St Hilda's Onboarding Program, coupled with our enhanced and personalised tutoring offerings, in the evenings and on the weekends, ensures that every girl reaches her full academic potential.


It’s not just the opportunities provided, but the friendships that are made that make boarding special. The ‘sisterhood’ and lifelong friendships, not only for the students but the boarding community at large all contribute to the unique ‘Spirit of St Hilda's.'
The launch of Boarders Connect demonstrates St Hilda's commitment to stay connected to our boarding families. Social connection and presence is a priority for our boarding families and events such as Dusty Boots and City Suits, new family sleepovers and engaging in bespoke external programs such as Roc and Rise provided our parents with strategies to support their daughters and work in close partnership with the Boarding House.

Want to know more

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