Celebrating Our 2020 Graduates

Our first few days of the school year are always busy as we adjust to the pace of life after…

Our first few days of the school year are always busy as we adjust to the pace of life after a long break. Behind the scenes over the last few weeks we have been preparing the school to welcome new families to our Junior School, Senior School and Boarding and supporting those students’ transition to St Hilda’s.

It was with great celebration that we acknowledged the outstanding results of our 2020 graduates at our Senior School Academic Assembly on Friday morning. It’s an honour and privilege to lead a team who are committed to each student’s individual success. We proudly accept second place in the WA league tables, however we all know that league tables only tell part of the story.

While there is no doubting that exceptional teaching and learning is at the heart of outstanding results, other factors also come into play.  Positive learning relationships are key. When you bring together passionate and caring staff with highly motivated girls, the combination is explosive!

Part of the benefit of a girls only education is that girls can express themselves and be themselves, without gender playing a role in their choices. Educational success comes through strong pastoral programs that build independence, self-belief, and security. These foundations allow girls to focus on learning.

Our outstanding results are just one measure of success for St Hilda’s. We believe that giving girls the platform to shine, no matter their passion, will ultimately pay dividends.

Many of us watched history when Amanda Gorman, a 22-year-old, National Youth Poet Laureate, recite her poem ‘The Hill We Climb’ at President Biden’s inauguration. Her poem is a powerful call to action focusing on themes of hope, unity, healing and resilience – themes that unite a community and a country.

“For there is always light,

if we are brave enough

to be it,

if we are brave enough

to see it.”

We asked our girls, “when your light shines brightest, what are you brave enough to see and what are you brave enough to be?”

A thought provoking question that is ageless and maybe one that we can all take time to ponder as we commence a new year and new beginnings.