2020 Army Cadet Unit (SHASCU)




St Hilda’s Anglican School Cadet Unit (SHASCU) is conducting a Recruit Induction Course (RIC) over the period Saturday 22 FEB – Monday 24 FEB 2020 at Northam Army Camp (NAC). This year, the camp will be combined with boys from Christ Church Grammar School Cadet Unit (CCGSCU) and boys and girls from Guildford Grammar School Cadet Unit (GGSCU). The objective of the RIC is to train first year cadets in basic service skills and fieldcraft, in order to (IOT) prepare for future cadet activities.


The aim of this instruction is to detail the requirements for preparation and attendance at the RIC. Adherence to this document will ensure cadets are adequately prepared for participation, are aware of training and behavioural expectations as well as the activities that will occur.

Report Time

On Saturday 22 FEB 20, SHASCU cadets are to report to SHASCU from 1300, arriving no later than NLT 1330. Buses will depart at 1400 for NTA and return to unit on Monday 24 Feb 20 no later than (NLT) 1415.

Training format

The RIC will be conducted to gradually immerse cadets into the structured, team orientated cadet environment. The first half has been designed to replicate a ‘barracks’ training environment, whilst the second half will be an introduction to living in the field.

The training objectives for the RIC are:

  1. Fieldcraft
  2. Drill and parade format
  3. Orders, command and control
  4. Participate in physical training (PT)
  5. First aid
  6. Radio telephone procedure (RATEL).


The Term 1 RIC is designed to be a fun, moderately challenging activity which presents cadets at all levels the opportunity to develop new skills to begin training as a cadet in both the barracks and field environments. Full participation and immersion is encouraged to extract maximum benefit.

Please click here to see the attached document for more details.

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except to the extent of gross negligence, or a wilful act or omission, by the School or its staff.

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