Cocurricular Opportunities

Learning at St Hilda’s extends beyond the classroom. Our students are encouraged to participate in the many varied opportunities that surround them both inside and outside the classroom. Students are provided with a varied program of sporting, social and cultural activities that aim to stimulate their intellectual, creative and personal talents of each individual. 

The cocurricular clubs and activities on offer at St Hilda’s allow students to interact vertically within the School, enabling them to engage with a student and/or group of students with similar interests and abilities. The common bonds created through participation in these groups form the basis of a rich school culture and a community that celebrates diversity and excellence. Hence, we encourage all of our students to reap the benefits of varied cocurricular clubs and activities in the School.

Various Community Service activities also form our extensive cocurricular programs. These include programs which provide service to the School, the local community in Western Australia and internationally. Further details and schedules are shared with our St Hilda’s community directly.