Community Service

Community Service Philosophy

Underpinning our School’s values of Excellence, Respect, Inclusion and Justice, St Hilda’s develops habits of mind, courage and character that empowers students to become passionate advocates within their local communities and abroad.  A wide range of initiatives provide opportunities to develop social awareness and realise the value and impact of our contribution.

Our students incorporate giving into their daily lives. By adopting a culture of serving we ensure they understand the profound impact it will also have on their own journey. Real life challenges and time for self-reflection lead to diversity in thought and are essential elements for viewing our world as something we have influence over.

Please see below for an overview of initiatives throughout the school.

Junior School

From Junior Kindy through to Year 6 our boys and girls actively participate in ongoing learning integrated into the curriculum through age and developmentally appropriate school and community based programs.

Warrior Mail provides an opportunity to learn about the challenges of Western Australian children and their families who require ongoing medical support.  School wide service projects including food, clothing and supply drives highlight the basic needs of others and provide opportunities to serve alongside senior students. 

Year 4

Students take on the role of reading buddies for our Junior Kindy boys and girls, developing the social, emotional and interpersonal skills of students in both years.

Year 5

Students engage in a Leadership program over the course of the year culminating in the nomination of Year 6 Officials.  The program focuses on the school’s values, developing leadership qualities and goal setting. From mid-year the students are offered the opportunity to participate in the Ignite Award Program fostering self development and leadership, and incorporating Physical Activity, Hobby, Volunteering and Adventure.  The four levels can be worked towards over two years.

Year 6

Students are recognized as leaders in the school community through an induction ceremony at the beginning of the year.  Each student selects a committee to serve on and engage in school and community based programs that enrich their learning and allows them to see the impact and importance of their contribution on others.

The girls are invited to support Homelessness We Care, making and serving food, alongside a parent or guardian, to homeless people in the Rockingham area.  They participate in the Chidley Sleep In to raise funds for supported charities, engage in the $2 project and organise and run weekly House Meetings for students in Years 1 to 5.

Year 6 students are invited to join the Ignite Award Program and have the opportunity to advance through levels 1 to 4.

Year 6 Committees

Community Service

These students share a desire to support others and work on maintaining the culture of community and giving here at St Hilda’s. Together they ideate, organise and oversee activities to support school initiatives along with supporting Anglicare, the St Hilda’s Indigenous Scholarship program, Mosman Park Primary School Breakfast Club, Homelessness We Care, Warrior Mail and St Christopher’s Orphanage, Fiji. 

The committee facilitate activities to bring the junior school together to celebrate:

  • Harmony Day
  • National Day Against Bullying and
  • Friendship Day


This committee comprises students who are passionate about caring for and protecting our environment. The committee’s slogan is:

“Preserve Our Earth, it is of Great Worth”

Students are involved in projects and events that promote sustainable practice and include:

  • Waste Free Lunch Challenge with a focus on being ‘Plastic Clever’
  • Litter Drives – Junior School playground and Swan River foreshore
  • Supporting native animal rescue and rehabilitation
  • Bird identification – The Eucalypts
  • National Tree Day projects


The PE committee are an active group of girls who share their passion and love of sport in collaborating in a number of events in the School. Opportunities include:

  • Assisting the PE teachers with carnival preparation
  • Providing assistance at the Athletics Fun Day and Interhouse Cross Country
  • Equipment maintenance and distribution
  • Facilitate lunch time activities, sports and games
  • Carnival support
  • Sport promotion
  • Assisting with sports at a local level.

Performing Arts

This dynamic group of students engage in the co-curricular offerings of the school as well as provide opportunities for younger students to participate in music and performance for enjoyment. Each year the range of lunch time opportunities may include performance concerts open to all students, composition using iPads, xylophone ensemble, and drama and dance sessions.

The girls present at school concerts, host music events and assist in the running of Arts Festival.  Many of the students sing Christmas Carols at the Dorothy Genders Aged Care facility.

Visual Art

The aim of the Visual Art Committee is to promote the Arts through engaging, entertaining and interesting art activities throughout the year. These students have the opportunity to guide and inspire other students in the school. Activities include assisting with Arts Festival Day organisation and activities, Nature Play Garden art, lunch time workshops, coordinating mini art displays and helping promote the annual Student Diary cover competition. In Term 4 the Art Committee assists with the naming, framing and sorting of work for the Annual Student Art Exhibition and represents the Junior School by serving food at the opening of the exhibition.


Senior School

Every student from Year 7 to 12 is expected to engage in the provision of service. Opportunities are provided both within the school community and through external providers outside of school hours however students are encouraged to seek their own opportunities, following their passions and interests and developing independence.

Expected hours

Years 7, 8 and 9             10 hours per year

Years 10 to 12                40 hours

Students wishing to apply for leadership in Year 12 must have completed 30 hours prior to the commencement of Semester 2 in Year 11.

A wide range of opportunities are available on campus and include assisting at swimming meets, ushering concerts and productions, assisting with tour mornings, filming and photography of events and writing articles for school publications. 

Some external opportunities are advertised to students outside of school hours.  Parents are encouraged to support their daughter’s journey and for our younger students, attend in a supervisory role.

Students in the Boarding House are provided with supervision and transport where possible along with preference for some activities.  They are encouraged to seek opportunities in their home communities during holidays to support their learning and enrich their home community.

Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

St Hilda’s has been supporting the Duke of Ed Award for over 20 years and has seen hundreds of students finish Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. 

One important aspect of the award is for the students to be self motivated to complete all aspects.  We are here to support the students however the Duke of Ed Award is designed to promote self-reliance and responsibility in young people, so we will not be pushing them to finish.  As they have until they are 25 it is their choice to what level they participate!

Should students complete their Award whilst in years 10 – 12 then they will also have the Award enrolled as a completed WACE endorsed subject.

If you need any help or advice throughout your Award, the Duke of Ed WA website is a great place to start:


The cost per student per award is

Bronze  $155

Silver    $175

Gold      $190


Students enrolling in the Duke of Ed Award whilst at St Hilda’s need to submit the Parent/Guardian Consent Form along with payment through the St Hilda’s website.

Click here to enrol for The Duke of Edinburgh Award and complete payment.


Once permission and payment has been made to the school the student is required to register online at by selecting to register a new Award Participant. Make sure you select St Hilda’s as your Licensed Operator and use your St Hilda’s email address.


For all information on the Duke of Ed Insurance policy please go to 
Please note your daughter is covered under the Duke of Ed Scheme whilst participating in certain activities and not the Schools insurance.


The Duke of Ed has three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each of these levels is made up of four Sections: Physical Recreation, Skills, Service and Adventurous Journey. The Gold Award has an additional requirement – a Residential Project. All Participants in the Duke of Ed must be registered with an Award Unit. The Award Unit must approve activity Assessors prior to Participants undertaking any Award activities with them.

Participants design their own program by selecting activities that interest them and then set their goals according to the following minimum requirements (summarised in the table below). Full requirements for obtaining an Award are set out in more detail in The Australian Award Handbook.









3 months*

6 months*

12 months*


3 months*

6 months*

12 months*

Physical Recreation

3 months*

6 months*

12 months*

Plus for the major Section

All Participants must complete an additional 3 months in either Skill, Service or Physical Recreation.

Participants who have not achieved a Bronze Award must complete an additional 6 months in either Skill, Service or Physical Recreation.

Participants who have not achieved a Silver Award must complete an additional 6 months in either Skill, Service or Physical Recreation.

Adventurous Journey

2 days + 1 night**

3 days + 2 nights**

4 days + 3 nights**

Residential Project



5 days + 4 nights

Minimum age to start

13 years

15 years

16 years

Minimum age to finish

(without exception)


Bronze Awardees: 15 years, 6


Direct entrants: 16 years

Silver Awardees: 17 years

Direct entrants: 17 years, 6


Maximum age to finish

(without exception)

Before 25th birthday

Before 25th birthday

Before 25th birthday

*These are minimum time requirements and are expressed in whole months, during which there should be regular commitment. Regular time commitment is at least one (1) hour per week, two (2) hours per two weeks or four (4) hours per four weeks. Award Participants are encouraged to continue their activities beyond the minimum time. Refer to section 1.6.2 in the Australian Award Handbook for further important information.

**Satisfactory completion of the Adventurous Journey Section includes preparation and training appropriate for the journeys being undertaken and at least one practice journey of a similar nature and duration to the qualifying journey.

Annual Service Trips
  • Year 8 St Christopher’s Pilgrimage, Fiji
    April school holidays
    Applications open end of Term 3, Year 7
  • Year 9  Service Expedition
  • Year 10  Service Expedition
  • Year 11 Marble Bar Indigenous Tour
    Applications open Term 4, Year 10
Supported Charities

St Hilda’s continues to nurture relationships with external organisations and service providers. 

Current partnerships:

  • Anglicare
  • Communified
  • Dorothy Genders Village
  • Homelessness We Care
  • Mosman Park Primary School
  • Red Cross
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Proudies Foundation Inc
  • Shoes for Planet Earth
  • St Christopher’s Orphanage (Fiji)
  • Variety – The Children’s Charity
  • World’s Greatest Shave.

For community service enquiries please email Sharne Clayton at