Major School Production

Every year there is a Major School Production, which is rehearsed  and performed during Term 2. The production is open to students in Years 8 to 12. Auditions take place in Term 4 of the year before. The musical combines the talents of actors, singers, dancers, musicians, theatre technicians and artists. Many opportunities exist beyond the performance space and include lighting and sound design, backstage and Front of House. Our 2018 production of Grease was a great success and wonderful experience for all the girls involved, and our 2019 production of Peter Pan is shaping up to be another fantastic musical.

The Years 9/10 Play

The Years 9/10 Play is a piece of straight theatre that focuses on the talents of the actor. It offers students the opportunity to extend their understanding of the importance of “the ensemble” and grow their performance skills. Each year the production runs during Term 1. There are also opportunities for younger students to become involved in the technical aspects of theatre such as lighting, sound and scenography. The production in 2018 was the Australian drama Compass, and in 2019 the Drama department are presenting the comic English parody, Daisy Pulls It Off.

Drama Showcases

Every year the Year 9 to Year 12 Drama students present a showcase of work in their year groups. Spread across the school year, these are an opportunity for parents and friends to get a glimpse into the content of the Drama curriculum, as well as providing the girls with another performance opportunity. It is highly recommended that students considering staying on in Drama studies attend these showcases.

Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama is offered at St Hilda’s as part of the cocurricular program for Year 4 to Year 12 students.

Speech and Drama is taught by specialist teachers who work with individuals, pairs and small groups. Students may progress through the external Speech and Drama exam system (as with Music) or can take lessons without doing exams. Once a year, the Speech & Drama students perform a Speech & Drama Showcase; this is an evening of rehearsed pieces of theatre. The Showcase is an opportunity for parents to view their daughter’s dramatic work.

Speech and Drama is beneficial as it increases a student’s confidence and skills in daily communication, as well as in public speaking and acting. The program is extremely useful to students pursuing Drama in the senior years as it gives an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of dramatic performance and theory as covered in the drama curriculum. The program focuses on:

  • Development of the voice – its quality, power, range and expressiveness
  • The techniques and confidence for public speaking
  • Skills of characterisation for acting
  • Solo performance, both scripted and improvisational
  • Reading and performing pieces from many styles and periods of drama and literature
  • Speech Theory
  • There is an average of nine lessons per term which can be undertaken in groups, pairs or individually. Most students work towards Speech and Drama exams. The after-school large groups are more recreational and do not involve exam work.
  • Please note that enrolments are for the whole year.


After school large groups (Years 4, 5 and 6): $25 per lesson
Pairs/ Small group (2 to 4 students): $32 per lesson
Individual: $35 per lesson (30 minutes – Juniors); $42 per lesson (45 minutes – Seniors)

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For further information, please contact speechanddrama@sthildas.wa.edu.au or 9285 4236.