Approximately half of the Schools' students from all Years at St Hilda's learn to play an instrument or take voice lessons every week from one of our numerous peripatetic music staff. Lessons are available before, during and after school on a rotation basis. Most classical, jazz and rock instruments are offered and voice students may choose to pursue classical, jazz or contemporary styles of singing.

Music groups include the Symphony Orchestra, String Orchestra, Concert Band, Saintly Jazz (swing band), Jazz Combo, Soul Band, several Rock Bands and various Classical Chamber Ensembles, Flute Ensemble, Saxophone Quartets, Clarinet Ensembles, Percussion Ensemble and Classical Guitar Ensemble.

Vocal groups include the Year 7 Choir (part of the curriculum), Whitby Chorale (Years 7 and 8), St Hilda's Chorale (Years 9 to 12) and Barbershop (Years 11 and 12 by audition).

Students who take voice/instrumental lessons are encouraged to select Class Music as an arts option. This is available from Year 8 to 10.

There are numerous performance opportunities throughout the year for all musicians within the School and for the wider community. These include; the Inter House Arts Festival; Combined Concert with Christ Church Grammar School; Choral Evensongs in the chapel as well as in St George's Cathedral; Strings Concert; School Musical; Jazz Night; An Evening of Song (choirs and vocal soloists); Concerto Concert; Years 7 to 9 Showcase; Ensembles Concert; Band Fest (rock bands); An Evening of Song and Dance; St Hilda's Music Festival (for students in all Years and all ability levels in 10 different categories); and Speech Day musical items.

Many of these performances occur in the spectacular Performing Arts Centre, which seats 900.

Other community engagements have included Government House invitations, local festivals, local council occasions, care homes and weddings along with many other private and corporate opportunities.

An eagerly awaited and popular annual Music Camp for Years 8 to 12 takes place in Margaret River every April with numerous performances in local wineries, restaurants and breweries. Planning has commenced for an exciting Music Tour in 2022.

2021 Music Development Prize

St Hilda's is introducing Music Development Prizes in 2021 to students in the Junior School and Senior School.  
The purpose of the Music Development Prize is to stimulate interest and engagement in key instruments that have been identified to address the balance of instruments in ensembles across the School.  
Who is it for?
Students who are enthusiastic about Music and open to, or already learning, an instrument of need.
Instruments of need
Instruments that fall under the category of need include: Oboe, French Horn, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Low Brass, Percussion and Bassoon.
How long is a Music Development Prize awarded for? 
Music Development Prizes are offered for either one year or two years.
What does the Music Development Prize cover? 
The Music Development Prize covers instrumental hire and weekly music tuition (30 min for Junior school students, 40 min for Senior school students) for 32 school weeks/year.
Junior school students are expected to be in one ensemble per year and Senior school students are expected to be in two ensembles per year, determined by the Head of Music Performance.  Should the Music Development Prize be awarded to a student in Years 8, 9 and/or 10, there is an expectation that Music is chosen as one of their elective subjects. 
Student awarded a Music Development Prize in Years 11 and/or 12 do not need to study ATAR Music. 
Tuition Lessons
Where students wish to use an external music tutor a special exemption needs to be applied for. The School will cover the amount associated with the School’s fees and charges. Parents will be required to pay the gap. 
What if I'm already a strong performer?
Students who are currently performing at an exceptional level may not necessarily meet the criteria of the Music Development Prize. Exceptional performers are encouraged to apply for a St Hilda’s General Excellence Scholarship open to students in Years 7, 10 and 11 in 2022.
Auditions will be held in Term 4, Weeks 3-4. You will be required to perform a short piece (no longer than 2 mins), a short musical aptitude test and a short theoretical component.

To Apply
Please click here

Applications close Sunday 18 October


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