Combined Outdoor Talents

St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls and Christ Church Grammar School are collaborating in a unique outdoor education experience for their Year 8 students, starting next year.

A first of its kind in Western Australia, the Cape to Cave expedition will introduce students to a range of physical, social and cultural activities designed to build their confidence and appreciation for the environment.

Using Leeuwin-Naturalist National Park as a base, the students will spend five days walking part of the Cape to Cape, pitching tents, cooking their own meals and learning about the local indigenous culture.

A highlight of the trip will be caving and abseiling in Giants Cave and WI-16, where they will learn about WA’s geological history.

Christ Church Grammar School Principal, Alan Jones, said he was keen to partner with St Hilda’s to create a unique opportunity that will give boys and girls a chance to connect through outdoor adventure and teamwork.

“We hope to give the students a new perspective on this region that they may have visited many times before. Working with the local Wardandi people, our instructors will expose the students to local culture through storytelling, bushcrafts and bush tucker,” he said.

St Hilda’s Principal, Fiona Johnston, reinforced the importance of having a shared experience of this type with its brother school.

“We have been holding outdoor education experiences in this region for many years, but to share it with Christ Church boys will make this trip an even richer experience,” she said.

While the Schools are both committed to single-sex education, both Principals acknowledged the importance of providing opportunities for the students to work together in a non-competitive environment. The Cape to Cave represents stronger connections between the Schools and their students.

The first expedition will be held in October 2021 and will include more than 300 students across 3 camps.