Chapel of St Hilda of Whitby

Chapel of St Hilda of Whitby

Located at our Bay View Campus, our Chapel is a space for the whole School community and is open for prayer and reflection every day during term time.

A beautiful commissioned crucifix, Romanian icons, stained glass and warm limestone combine to make an inspiring space that draws the soul towards God and brings people to their knees. Anglican services take place regularly for students of all ages, and members of the community are welcome to enquire regarding baptism, marriage, confirmation and funerals. Old Scholars often assemble here during reunions and it is the focus for prayer and support at times of bereavement.

Weddings & Baptisms

Services are conducted according to the rites of the Anglican Church of Australia.

Wedding Information

Baptism Information

If you would like to book or enquire further, please contact our Chaplain via email or on 08 9285 4100.

Sunday Worship

All members of the St Hilda’s community are welcome to attend our Sunday worship services at 10am in the Chapel of St Hilda of Whitby. Baptisms are also available within these services, once per term. Click here to view our calendar for service dates. 

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