The latest information about COVID-19 concerning St Hilda's can be found below. 

The Pandemic Response Committee (PRC) is meeting regularly to keep abreast of the latest updates from the WA Government and will provide constant updates to the community.

To contact the School in relation to COVID-19, please refer to the St Hilda's App for the PRC email address.

Latest Updates
31/1/2021 PRC Update No. 1

Click here to read PRC Update No. 1 

2/2/2021 PRC Update No. 2

Click here to view PRC Update No.2

23/04/2021 PRC Update No. 3

Click here to view PRC Update No.3

26/04/2021 PRC Update No.4

Click here to view PRC Update No.3


Cancelled Events

All scheduled events, cocurricular and sports from 31 January - 5 February inclusive have been cancelled due to the WA Government COVID-19 lockdown.

Tips to Stay Healthy

Wear a mask when outside.

Help prevent the spread of germs