The latest information about COVID-19 in relation to St Hilda's can be found below. To contact the School in relation to COVID-19, please refer to the St Hilda's App for the PRC email address.


If you would like some information on how to discuss the Coronavirus with your child, SchoolTV has an informative special report on the subject.

Online Learning

For Parents

Westley Field - Dean of Pedagogy and Innovation has made a video on how St Hilda's is developing blended learning as part of our teaching best practice.

For Students and Parents

For Years 5 to 12, please download the online learning guide and watch the video below for information about online learning. For JK to Year 4, information has been shared in an age-appropriate manner with students and emails to parents will be sent from each classroom teacher.


Junior School Students 

How should you interact online? Please find below a useful video on online etiquette.

Latest Updates
21/04/2020 Term 2 Update

21 April 2020

At the end of last term, we were prepared and committed to another term of online learning. The rate at which we had adapted and restructured the delivery of education from Junior Kindergarten to Year 12 was phenomenal.  

Last week’s government announcement, placed Independent schools in a position to consider the government’s direction, and make an independent choice on what is right for their learning communities for the commencement of Term 2.

One of the benefits of being an Independent school is that the word independent is used in its truest sense of the word. That is, Independent schools can and continue to make decisions which take into account their own set of unique circumstances.

Given this right, Independent schools’ ‘soft return to school’ is likely to look different across the independent sector. As you can appreciate, the decision on whether to remain online or return to face-to-face teaching is not without its challenges.  

St Hilda’s has always prided itself on its academic excellence and this has never been more clearly demonstrated than when we shifted to online learning. Our ability to adapt and accommodate everyone’s needs while taking a strong decisive approach to the changes that COVID-19 placed on us, undoubtedly put us in a strong position.
What will teaching look like for Term 2?
It is our firm belief that face-to-face teaching is by far the most effective way of educating students.

As such, the School Executive, in partnership with School Council, have made the decision to re-open the School on Tuesday 28 April with limited cocurricular activities.  

We encourage parents to send their children to school, especially those in Year 11 and 12.

However, we are mindful that personal and medical situations may require some students to remain at home. For those students, we will offer a revised online program.

Teaching will occur in the classroom as usual, however Pre Primary to Year 12 teachers will share their whiteboards on Microsoft Teams for those learning online. Students at home will be able to hear their teachers’ and classmates’ questions and see the teaching that happens in the classroom.
This revised online learning program will also allow our boarding community to have the option to reside in Perth (outside the boarding house) and attend school as a day girl, or remain at home and access the academic program from there.

Timetabled Physical Education lessons will operate as normal. Students choosing to learn from home will be asked to do their own physical activity during their timetabled PE lesson.

These teaching conditions will remain in place for Weeks 1 through to Week 3 at which time we will review the arrangements.

It is our aim for the School to fully return to normal as soon as possible. 

Further information for parents and staff has been sent through email.

23/03/2020 Online Learning Update


The Prime Minister last night announced strict measures on the community to reduce the infection rate of COVID-19. However, he made it very clear that schools are not to shut in the short term.

Our duty has been and always will be to provide a safe school environment that provides an excellent education for your children. The current environment has tested us in this regard, however we do believe that our students are being given the best opportunity to thrive in this very uncertain environment.
Online learning from Tuesday 31 March

Online Learning Guide

Today, Council supported the Executive’s decision that as of Tuesday 31 March we will deliver lessons online until the end of Term 1 (Thursday 9 April).  

From Tuesday 31 March, you will have the option to send your child to school or stay at home, however all classes will be online. This strategy supports the Prime Minister’s statement that parents need to have a choice.

We will prepare for the transition to an online program on Thursday 26, Friday 27 and Monday 30 March which will be drawn from our Professional Learning day allocation which is normally scheduled throughout the year.  These will be pupil-free days to consolidate our teaching resources online.  We appreciate that this is short notice but we need to give our staff time to do final preparations.

If you need childcare we will continue to run Extend-Ed for children in JK –Year 6, however, spaces will be limited.

Boarding will stay open as normal, however the three pupil-free days will allow parents to move their children home if they prefer.

We will communicate with all our students from Year 5 at 8.30am tomorrow morning (Tuesday) in their wellbeing classes to share how online learning will work. If your child is at home, we will send a link via email so that they can hear those communications.
A full email update has been sent to our community.

18/03/2020 Boarding Update COVID-19

Please click here to download the Boarding Update letter.

18/03/2020 Year 11 & 12 Update


Dear Year 11 and 12 Parents, Guardians and Girls,

 The impact of COVID-19 has significance for our senior school students, particularly our Year 11 and 12 students.

We have fast-tracked our online learning systems to ensure we are prepared for a School closure, should that happen. The girls have been briefed and will continue to receive information to assist them to complete their course requirements online, should they need to do this.

Yesterday afternoon, all schools received correspondence from The Chair of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) Dr Garnett, advising the way forward for the Year 11 and 12 Curricula and Assessments. Please view the letter here.

We share this update in brief with you below: 

Procedures to be implemented if assessment is affected by a catastrophic event:

If the assessment of individual students or groups of students is affected by a catastrophic event (e.g. if a pandemic causes a number of staff and/or students to be absent from school for an extended period) the procedures described in the School’s Senior Secondary Assessment Policy must be applied.

In the face of the current situation, the Authority advises:

  • The reason for student/s being unable to attend school, in any circumstance related to COVID-19, should meet the School’s Senior Secondary Assessment Policy criteria (WACE Manual 2020 page 15) for sickness/misadventure and penalties for late submission of assessments should not apply;

  • Invigilated assessments will be undertaken at an appropriate time on student/s’ return to school;

  • In relation to Workplace Learning, in the eventuality that a student cannot complete a mandatory work placement requirement, the Authority’s VET WACE Requirements Special Considerations process will apply;

  • In relation to Endorsed programs, we will endeavour for students to complete the requirements as planned;

  • Should students be unable to complete the requirements, the Authority’s WACE Requirements Special Considerations process will apply;

  • With regard to the Externally Set Tasks (ESTs), as outlined on page 47 of the WACE Manual 2020:, if a student is absent, but returns to school within the period when the ESTs are scheduled, they are expected to complete the task under test conditions. However, as for all school-based assessments, the school should apply its Senior Secondary Assessment Policy in the event that a student does not sit the EST, and ensure the student is advised of the outcome of this action;

  • We continue to work towards the scheduled ESTs, moderation activities and the ATAR course examinations for 2020.


We will continue to keep you updated and thank you for your continued support.  


Kind regards


Angie Ranson
Dean of Academics (7-12)

16/03/2020 - COVID-19 Update


As you can appreciate, changes are happening quickly as governing bodies make decisions about how we operate in this current environment.
Today we sat down with all our students from Years 5 - 12 and explained how our online learning would work and our expectations of their attendance at “online classes”, should the School cease operations on a temporary basis. A video of this is available here. It is valuable to watch this and discuss it with your daughter in the event that they should need to carry on their education at home.
Junior School parents JK – Year 4 will be contacted directly about their class lesson plans.
As you can appreciate, our teachers are under immense pressure to ensure they continue to deliver their lessons plans, building their skills in online teaching and other duties. While we appreciate that some parents would prefer to keep their children at home, until the School becomes non-operational, we cannot provide full online lessons. Senior School students are encouraged to keep up via Microsoft Teams. Junior School students can use Matific, Reading Eggs and continue home reading.
Today we were also alerted that IGSSA sport has now been cancelled for Term 1. This involves rowing, tennis and volleyball competitions. The School will continue to provide training and sporting opportunities. Sport and outdoor activity are extremely important both physically and psychologically and we ask that you talk as a family about how you can maintain your fitness.
Other events that have now been cancelled are:

  • Combined St Hilda’s Christ Church Concert
  • Combined St Hilda’s Christ Church Soiree on the Bay
  • P&F Dusty Boots / City Suits

Assemblies will continue to be livestreamed for performances. We are currently determining how we run Arts Festival. We are being as creative as possible to ensure we continue this long-held tradition, just not in the traditional way. 
Of note, we have provided our School Psychologists with access to Skype in the event of a School closure if your daughter would like to speak with someone outside the family circle about their wellbeing. Information on this is on the video link above or simply email them directly.
Take the time to talk to your daughter about the disappointment and frustration that we are all feeling. Should your daughter have individual questions, they can direct them to their Head of Year of Classroom teacher.
We’d like to thank one of our Year 12s who shared this Facebook post with us. It gave her a greater understanding of why we are putting these measures in place and she asked that we share this with you all. Thanks, Genevieve.
We will continue to update you regularly.
Fiona Johnston
4:00pm Monday 16 March 2020

12/03/2020 - COVID-19 Risk Management Update


COVID-19 Risk Management Update and Important Online Learning Information
In light of the World Health Organisation today declaring COVID-19 a pandemic, we want to assure our community that the School and in particular our Response Team is meeting daily to ensure the School is prepared and that staff and students’ wellbeing is our top priority. 
Tours and Camps
Based on expert advice, we have decided to cancel all camps and tours both overseas, interstate and intrastate. This was a very difficult decision to make as we understand how disappointing it will be for students and families alike, however, we do believe from a risk management perspective this is the best decision for our students and staff.
 This will affect the following events during Term 1 and Term 1 holidays:

  • Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp
  • Coral Bay Trip
  • Marble Bar Trip
  • Abrolhos Island Scuba Trip
  • Year 7 / 8 Coding camp
  • Rowing camp
  • Music Tour to Margaret River
  • Year 6 Canberra Trip

We will continue to review calendar events that fall after the Easter holidays, aligned with external advice and update those families involved in the coming weeks.
We appreciate that families are keen to receive confirmation regarding any potential refunds.  However, we ask that you please allow us to work through the relevant processes.  We will consider each trip and its respective insurance conditions and will liaise with the relevant parties.
Local school events will still proceed at this stage however, this will continue to be monitored.
Events external to the School
Sadly, we have had to cancel the Old Scholars Bridge and Mahjong Day and the Mother’s Day Bazaar. These are two very important events for our Alumni and we regret that this decision has had to be made, however, we need to limit the number of external visitors to reduce possible spread of the virus.
Please note that we ask every visitor (including parents) to come through reception and sign in before entering either campus. This allows us to keep a full record of all people who have been in contact with the school should we need it.
IGSSA Swimming Carnival, Arts Festival, Combined Music Concert
As of today, the IGSSA Swimming Carnival, Arts Festival, and Combined Music Concert will proceed however, we ask that you do not attend if:

  • you are unwell, including exhibiting symptoms ranging from mild to severe illness including pneumonia, and include (but are not limited to) fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath;
  • you have travelled overseas in the 14-day period leading up to the event;
  • you have tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting test results; or
  • you have been identified as being in close contact with proven cases of COVID-19 in the 14-day period leading up to the event.

If the School needs to cancel these events at short notice due to changes in advice, we will communicate as quickly and efficiently as practicable.
Personal Hygiene
St Hilda’s is committed to reducing the risk of spreading the COVID-19 through shared contact and we have therefore introduced a range of measures to educate our students about personal hygiene. We have significantly upgraded cleaning systems.  We are also putting in place cleaning procedures for shared devices.
We ask you to support us by communicating to your daughters the following:

  1. Please discuss with your daughter the importance of personal hygiene.  We have posters up throughout the school outlining the hand washing procedure.
  2. You might like to give your daughter a small bottle of hand sanitiser that she can easily access while at school or away from home.
  3. We have also made hand sanitiser readily available around the school.

Online learning
While we don’t believe we are at risk at this time, we are conscious that we need to be prepared for a time when we may need to work/study from home.
Using a combination of Microsoft Teams and SEQTA, we have the capability to conduct lessons at home. Some students have already worked with teachers to test these systems. Lessons conducted at home will be appropriate for each phase of schooling and will be developed to meet the specific learning requirements of students in the Early Learning Centre, Junior and Senior Schools.

In preparation parents will need to ensure that their SEQTA ENGAGE logins have been activated. 

Students in the Senior School will be required to have logins in place for Microsoft Teams and SEQTA LEARN.
Students in the Junior School will be required to have the following logins in place:

  • Year 5 and 6 – SEQTA LEARN
  • Pre-Primary to Year 2 – Reading Eggs
  • Pre-Primary to Year 6 – Matific

Students in Year 7 to 12 should download and install Office 365 on their home device. Please see instructions below to download Microsoft Office on PC or Mac:

  • Visit
  • Log in with student’s school email and password
  • In the top right corner select the “Install Office 365” button

We encourage you to ensure a device is available for your child to access at home if this scenario arises. You will also need a stable internet connection. Google Chrome is highly recommended for efficient use of SEQTA.

If you do not have access to a suitable device or enough devices at home, please advise us at so that we can provide you with the appropriate technology.

Our priority is our Year 12 students and maintaining consistency in their learning at all times. We continue to monitor information coming from the Department of Education.

Testing our systems
We will be conducting our evacuation communications system shortly which involves parents receiving a test message on their mobile phones via text. In the event that we do have a critical incident, all parents will receive a text asking you to make arrangements for your child’s departure from the school.

Students will be advised of our internal processes so that this is done in a safe, well-managed way.

Boarding parents have received a separate communication regarding procedures for our boarders.

April School Holidays
We would also like to remind parents to provide the School with any overseas travel details. If you are planning to travel outside of Australia, please email these plans to

The situation is constantly changing and today it was announced that ALL countries are now considered moderate risk, with Iran, South Korea, China and Italy classified as high risk.

Important links
Stay up to date with travel and health alerts with the following sources of information:

We thank parents for their support as we respond to the challenges that COVID-19 presents to the operations of the School.  We are constantly monitoring the situation and will continue to respond to advice from the WA Department of Health and provide updated information to parents as quickly as possible.
12 March 2020


Cancelled Events

Term 1
All IGSSA Sporting Activities and Interschool Events

11 March
OSA Year Rep Drinks

13 March
IGSSA Swimming Carnival

18 March
JS Harmony Day Celebration

18 March
OSA Bridge and Mahjong Day

19 March
JIGSSA Swimming

20 March
Alliance Girls School Afternoon Tea

22 March
Year 12 Mother Daughter Brunch

23 March
French Film Festival

24 March
JIGSSA Twilight Swim Meet

26 March
Interhouse Cross Country
Strings Concert
Homelessness WA Service

28 March
Arts Festival Weekend Rehearsals

1 April
Year 10 Curtin Entrepreneurship Excursion
Year 11 GEMMS
Ronald McDonald House 'Lovin' from the oven
Year 12 Geography Alcoa Excursion
Junior School Chapel

3 April
OSA Pin Presentation
CCGS v's St Hilda's Netball Game
Year 11 Visual Arts Excursion

4 April
Arts Festival Weekend Rehearsals

6 April
Easter Service
Interhouse Rowing Regatta

8 April
P&F Dusty Boots and City Suits
Junior School Assembly featuring Year 2

9 April
Arts Festival - POSTPONED

27 April
Rowing Sundowner

28 April
Scholarship Testing
Parent Teacher Interviews JK-6 Years 7-9 & 11

1 May
Junior School Mother's Day Breakfast
Year 12 GTMMS - Marine Education

1-3 May
Lancelin Surf 1

3 May
Student Wellbeing Forum

4-6 May 
Year 6 Kooringal Camp 1

4-7 May
CCGS Combined Rehearsals

6-8 May
Year 6 Kooringal Camp 2

7 May
SSWA Cross Country

7 May 
Interhouse Cross Country

8 May 
Year 12 GTMMS - Marine Education Boatshed

8 May
St Hilda’s / CCGS Combined Concert

8 - 10 May 
Lancelin Surf 2

9 May
OSA Bazaar

9 May 
Rowing Regatta 1

11 May
Gifted and Talented Conference

11 May 
Year 9 OQD with CCGS

11-13 May 
Year 6 Kooringal Camp 3

12 & 15 May
JK & KG Photo Day

12 - 22 May
NAPLAN Years 3, 5, 7 & 9

13 May 
Year 9 OQD with CCGS

14 May 
Year 8 Science House Project Afternoon Tea

15 - 17 May 
Lancelin Surf 3

15-17 May 
Math Coding Camp

16 May
St Hilda’s / CCGS Combined Cocktail Party

22-24 May 
Lancelin Surf 4

23 May 
Rowing Regatta 2

23 May 
CCGS Year 10 Social

29 May 
Ronald McDonald House Food Service

29 May 

5 June 
Year 7 Quiz Night with CCGS

6 June 
Rowing Regatta 3

8 June 
Year 11 Ski Tour Parent and Student Meeting

12 June 
Cross Country

13 June
Rowing Regatta 4

17 June 
IGSSA Cross Country Breakfast

19 June 
IGSSA Cross Country Carnival

20-22 June 

26 June 
IGSSA Rowing Motivational Breakfast

27 June 
Rowing Head of the River

27 June 
Head of the River Dinner

30 June 
Hotspurs Hockey

3-12 July 
NZ Ski Trip

4-12 July 
Cadets - SNCO Course - Irwin or Leeuwin Barracks