Old Scholars

The GHS & St Hilda's Old Scholars Association (OSA) is proud of its membership of over 10 000 women and men.

Third and fourth generation families attend St Hilda’s and the School values these connections. Our networks extend nationally and internationally as graduates expand their horizons and pursue world-leading opportunities. Locally our members remain close to the School and actively engage in a vibrant Old Scholar community.

Our History

Established under the stewardship of Miss Melina Parnell in 1913, when St Hilda’s was known as the Girls' High School (GHS), the Association has provided over 100 years of service. Throughout this period, the Association has maintained an important link between the School and Old Scholars, providing a place of belonging for our members and continuity for graduates upon leaving St Hilda’s.

To mark the Centenary of the GHS & St Hilda’s OSA a steel ammonite sculpture, carrying the symbol of the School crest, was presented to St Hilda’s in 2013.


OSA Committee & Year Representatives

The OSA is proud of the support extended to the School. It is at the heart of our endeavours as we offer scholarships and awards to future and current students, extend mentoring opportunities and support School building projects. The objects of the Association, revised in 2015 are:

  1. to advance education through the welfare and interests of the School and the Association;
  2. the promotion of a friendly spirit between present scholars of the School and old scholars;
  3. to keep old scholars connected with the School and with another for the above purposes; and
  4. to establish and provide scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries and rewards for education, the arts and sport.

Those who have attended this School have been blessed with an excellent education from which lifelong friendships have been built.  Enjoy your Association and please give back generously so others may benefit.

Treffina Dowland (Lidbury, '83) 

26th President of the GHS and St Hilda's Old Scholars Association (OSA)

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Treffina is supported by a committee working alongside the Communication and Engagement Office, extending services to the Old Scholar community. Tasks undertaken by the committee include event management, budgeting, communication and co-ordination of special projects such as Mentoring and Scholarship selection. The current Committee includes: 

Fiona Johnston, Principal

Treffina Dowland (Lidbury, '83)

Immediate Past President
Anu van Hattem (Palmoja, '75)

Vice President
Jane Barker ('86)

Vice President
Julie Hasson (‘87)

Sheena Storm (Richmond, ‘83)

Acting Secretary
Anu van Hattem (Palmoja ‘75)

Jill Binning (Mansel, ‘60)
Angela Heaton (Mitchell, '75)
Eliza Honey ('15) 
Rosey Longmire (House '82)
Amanda Burt (Coad, '89)
Emma Hannaford (Ashby '87)
Carla Love (McGill '87)
Janie Jones (Oliver '83)
Kate Johnston (Henson, '79)
Kate Parker ('05)

Co-opted members
Jody Hardcastle (Vincent, ‘73)  
Sue Marshall (Love, ‘74)
Claire Moody (Stokes, ‘79)
Katrina Chalmers (Black, '85)
Rosalind Bell (Williams, ‘75)
Jane O’Dea (Deykin, ‘78)
Libby Hocking ('71)
Jay Barker ('99)
Bronwyn Rose (Sutherland, '87)
Jane Leaversuch (Trott, '88)
Hannah Oliver ('12)

Year Representatives are an important link between members of their cohort, the School and the OSA. Typically one or two Old Scholars represent their year group and are a central point of contact for the exchange of information. Year Representatives assist the Communication and Engagement Office by updating alumni data, encouraging colleagues to attend special events, initiating reunions and supporting the activities of the Old Scholars' Association. 

The committee is represented by Old Scholars of different ages, who share a variety of skills and enjoy working in a social environment. Old Scholars are encouraged to attend the OSA monthly meetings and contribute to general business. Please refer to the Events Calendar for the 2015 OSA committee meetings.

The Old Scholars Association welcomes new members to the Committee; please contact the President tjd@amnet.net.au  for further information.

To volunteer as a Year Representative or receive contact details regarding your Year Representatives please contact the Alumni Coordinator at oldscholars@sthildas.wa.edu.au.

View the GHS and St Hilda’s Old Scholars Association Constitution



Year 12 graduates are invited to become Financial Life Members in their final year of school and correspondence is sent to each family in respect to this process. At the conclusion of the academic year we warmly welcome the incoming cohort and extend a special gift from the OSA to new members.

Any person who attended St Hilda’s for a minimum of 12 months is entitled to become a Financial Life Member of the GHS & St Hilda’s Old Scholars Association upon application.


Scholarships & Awards

The OSA committee is proud of the long established tradition of extending special educational opportunities to current students.

Daughters of Financial Life Members are eligible for two OSA funded scholarships each year :

  • The  Academic Scholarship is awarded for six years from Year 7.
  • The 'Ammonite Scholarship' is awarded for two years from Year 11, for an exceptional all rounder

Scholarships are funded by annual life membership to the OSA, fundraising events and donations.

Hannah Clements has won the OSA Academic Scholarship for Year 7 – her mother is Cristie Clements (Phillips 1987) and granddaughter of Kathy Kavanagh (Draper 1967).

Introduced in 2013 as a Centenary initiative, the annual OSA Career Development Award, (previously OSA Travel Award) supports a financial member of the OSA in their pursuit of travel and learning, from which others will benefit. Valued at $3000 the Career Development Award recognises the value of women who are independently making their mark on the world by observing, learning from and contributing to different cultures and communities.

To make a valued contribution to the Scholarship Fund please contact the President of the GHS & St Hilda’s OSA, Anu van Hattem anuvanhattem@gmail.com

For further information regarding Old Scholar scholarships and the Career Development Award please contact the Alumni Officer on oldscholars@sthildas.wa.edu.au

Events & Reunions

Special events provide an opportunity for Old Scholars to meet up with friends, share interests and reconnect with the School. Often these occasions extend to the wider public, encouraging a strong community spirit.

To mark the decades since leaving school, six reunions take place each year. There is also an annual morning tea for members aged over 70. Please refer to the School calendar for the 2016 Old Scholar reunions.

2019 Old Scholar Events

10 Year Reunion - Class of 2009
20 Year Reunion - Class of 1999
30 Year Reunion -  Class of 1989
40 Year Reunion - Class of 1979
50 Year Reunion - Class of 1969
60 Year Reunion - Class of 1959

International Reunions

Special Events

Meet the Principal Sundowner
Bridge & Mahjong Day  

IGSSA Tennis 
Career Networking Series - Business Professionals

OSA Bazaar

Career Mentoring Day

70+ Morning Tea

CIGS Old Girls Golf Day

OSA Social Golf Day
Valedictory Dinner

Special fundraising efforts contribute to the OSA Scholarship Fund and donations and ongoing support are greatly appreciated.

Please send photos from your reunion or informal St Hilda's friendship gathering to oldscholars@sthildas.wa.edu.au.


Old Scholars, working in a diverse range of industries, give back to the School through the OSA Mentoring program.

The OSA facilitates the Mentoring program, in which Old Scholars return to School and share their career journey with current students from Years 10 to 12. The mentoring session, held mid-year, provides an opportunity for girls to explore career options with practitioners and discuss the path to preferred jobs.

Old Scholars who have pursued interesting and diverse careers are encouraged to volunteer by emailing oldscholars@sthildas.wa.edu.au.


Social events, reunions, sporting competitions and fundraising efforts provide numerous opportunities for Old Scholars to connect. Regular publications and social media platforms provide avenues to share achievements and special announcements, keeping friends in touch and up to date with news.

The Alumni Officer gratefully receives news from Old Scholars for inclusion in each publication. Contact oldscholars@sthildas.wa.edu.au to share your achievements and family announcements.

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