Philanthropy is an integral part of our St Hilda's culture. Much that our students enjoy today is the result of the foresight and generosity of previous generations.

St Hilda’s girls benefit from an education that opens their eyes to opportunities, teaches them respect and creates an incredible sense of self-belief.  But not every girl has this opportunity. This year in particular, there are some families that will have to make some tough decisions when it comes to their daughter’s education.

Due to the increasingly difficult economic environment, the School chose to reduce fees for families this term to ensure that we provide them financial relief. However, this decision will have an effect on the School’s ability to provide a strong scholarship program.

In our first year as participants in the Madalah Indigenous Scholarship program, we are keen to ensure that we provide opportunities to Aboriginal girls from regional and remote Western Australia. This program has also been affected by the current situation, which now limits our ability to fund the gap that parents are required to pay.

A donation of any size will make a difference to a child’s life, opening up opportunities and offering them continuity of education.

To be part of our community that gives back, click here to donate to our General Excellence Scholarship, Boarding Scholarship or Indigenous Scholarship programs. Or if you would prefer to donate via cheque or direct deposit please click here to download further details.

“During these uncertain times, and with many families experiencing unexpected financial difficulty with no clear end date, I feel that donating back to the School at this point in time could make a significant difference to many girls’ lives and allow them to continue experiencing, with certainty, the wonderful foundation a St Hilda’s education provides for them now and in the future. “

Denby Roberts (1993)

Below is a testimonial from Ruby Fox, who has been fortunate enough to receive a St Hilda's education that provided her with opportunities that she would never have experienced if it wasn't for the generous support of the Kitching Family Scholarship.

If you would like to discuss how you can further support St Hilda’s, please contact our School Development and Philanthropy team on 08 9285 4228 or email.