Support Groups

St Hilda’s has a vibrant and caring community which comes together to embrace new families, support current students and parents. 

Being a member of one or more of our support groups provides an opportunity to meet new people, establish friendships and be part of life at St Hilda's. We are fortunate to have the support of a successful community which freely gives its time and expertise. 

Parents' and Friends' Association

Every St Hilda’s parent is a member of the Parents' and Friends' Association whose aim is to involve parents in social functions for friendship, fun and fundraising. A Committee is elected at an Extraordinary General Meeting in November each year. The 2017 Committee comprises:

President - Sally Vasudavan

Treasurer - Sharyn Arundell

Secretary - Siva Vasudavan

Vice President - Neoma Higgins

All parents are encouraged to attend Committee meetings as well as Auxiliary and other parent support group meetings.  All meeting dates are listed in the weekly newsletters and the School web calendar. Conservatively, our parent volunteer network contributes several thousand hours of time each year mostly organised through the P & F Association, Auxiliary and other support groups. This is a valuable resource and reflects the strong and sustained sense of community at St Hilda's.

You can email the Parents & Friends Association for more information on how to get involved. Latest documents relating to the P & F Association can be viewed via the Parent Portal.

Junior School Parent Representatives

Junior Kindergarten

Siva Vasudavan 
Bryony Oliver


Tom Loh
Sarah Phillips


Corinna Thompson
Ying Tian
Melissa Karlson
Lucy Caldwell

Year 1

Jo Merrick
Kate Kelly
Robert Patrick

Year 2

Helen Madders
Brooke Judge
Audrey Koay

Year 3

Caroline Houghton
Amanda Swift
Fleur Anderson
Minsu Kang

Year 4

Amanda Ottaviano
Sue Mitchell
Emma Hanrahan

Year 5

Jo Shields
Suzie Bowyer
Kath Townes
Bree Lillingston-Tolich
Stephanie Keogh

Year 6

Busi Oyewopo
Jocelyn Sisson
Karen Grisenti
Lillie Bull
Elaine Barry

Senior School Parent Representatives

Year 7

Jane Olney
Denise Alvaro
Nat O'Dea
Freya Lovegrove
Jo Chalmers 
Lindsey Morris
Rachel Jones 
Stephanie Hillbeck 

Year 8

Emma Hanrahan 
Abby Peel 
Kate O'Keeffe 

Year 9

Lesley Goodwin
Rosey Longmiere 
Jane Bisschops
Kirstie Walker

Year 10

Angela Allan
Anna Lee

Year 11

Megan Marshall
Cobie Fletcher
Tresna Cusack
Kate Mahon 
Belinda Dodds
Michelle Atkins
Ranae Matthews 
Fiona Allan 
Nicholas Egan 

Year 12

Maya Manning
Keli Sertorio
Kate Salom
Elizabeth Sofield 
Ros Chilwell

Whitby Parents

Whitby Parents, formed in 1981, provides the opportunity for parents of former students to keep in touch with the School and with each other through informal, social occasions held biannually. It provides a forum of fun and friendship, allowing parents to reconnect well beyond the days of their daughter’s secondary education. Membership of Whitby Parents is automatic on your youngest daughter leaving St Hilda's and there is no subscription fee.

If you would like to get involved or your contact details have changed, contact our Coordinator, Sami Tadros, on 0419237207 or email.


All meetings are listed in the School Calendar.

Supporting Cocurricular activities

We also have the following groups that provide assistance for our Junior School and Senior School Cocurricular staff throughout each year:

FOLASH (Friends of the Library at St Hilda’s)

These volunteers assist in a variety of tasks from categorising, magnetising and shelving books to helping coordinate displays and Book Week activities.

MASH (Friends of Music at St Hilda’s)

These volunteers assist the Music Department with a variety of activities and functions.  This includes setting up for performances, assisting in serving refreshments or helping distribute promotional information.

DASH (Friends of Drama at St Hilda’s)

DASH assists the Drama Department with a variety of productions.  Volunteers help with everything from designing and making costumes, make-up, prop productions and set painting.

SupPORT (Friends of Sport at St Hilda’s)   

There are a large number of House and Inter-School sporting activities across St Hilda’s.  The level of parent support varies considerably depending on the sport involved.  The Head of Sport contacts parents according to their daughter’s involvement if help is required.

Rowing Support 

Rowing is offered for girls in Years 9-12.  We have a dedicated group of parents who provide support for rowing regattas, camps and social events.  

Volunteers in these groups are called upon on an ‘as needs’ basis. If you would like to be on our volunteer list for any of these groups, we would love to hear from you. Please email or call us on 9285 4256.