Support Groups

St Hilda’s has a vibrant and caring community which comes together to embrace new families, support current students and parents. 

Being a member of one or more of our support groups provides an opportunity to meet new people, establish friendships and be part of life at St Hilda's. We are fortunate to have the support of a successful community which freely gives its time and expertise. 

Junior School Parent Representatives

Junior Kindergarten

Jasmon Hilton
Carmen Pozzi


Melissa Black
Jodi Millihahn
Joanna Millard


Marshall McKenna
Maxine Hawkins

Year 1

Jody Tansy
Maxine Hawkins

Year 2

Laura Fitzgerald
May Montague
Elaine Lim

Year 3

Veenoo Agarwal
Melanie Robert-Kelemanis

Year 4

Nicole Pitts

Year 5

Jodi Church
Samudu Hemachandra

Year 6

Sebely Pal
Rebekah Little
Monica Montenegro
Coralie Willoughby
Geraldine Renouf
Leah Smith

Senior School Parent Representatives

Year 7

Blackwood: Wendy Clynk

De Grey: Sigrid Gibson

Fitzroy: Busi Oyewopo and Katya Lakshmi

Gascoyne: Mairead Heaney

Year 8

Blackwood: Rachel Horncastle and Natalie Cross

De Grey: Melinda O'Grady and Paula Eley


Gascoyne: Linda Ickeringill

Year 9

Blackwood: Yvette Harris

De Grey:

Fitzroy: Gavin Cooke

Gascoyne: Reza Gilmour and Raylene Holzknecht-Evans (boarder parent)

Year 10

Blackwood: Nivrithi Naidoo and Gail Simcock

De Grey: Kim Reddrop, Jo Rigg and Cailin Jordan


Gascoyne: Raylene Holzknecht-Evans (boarder parent)

Year 11

Blackwood: Chevaughn Simpson Thomas and Carmen Kiggins

De Grey: Nadia Samie and Sarah Silbert

Fitzroy: Dina Le Page

Gascoyne: Catriona Nixon and Gai Breakwell

Year 12

Blackwood: Kate Williams, Jill Elias and Katrina Ledger

De Grey: Melanie Lynn, Peta Scott-Morey and Katie Stewart

Fitzroy: Margie Martin and Kate Gibson

Gascoyne: Kylie Jones and Jane Barker

Whitby Parents

Whitby Parents, formed in 1981, provides the opportunity for parents of former students to keep in touch with the School and with each other through informal, social occasions held biannually. It provides a forum of fun and friendship, allowing parents to reconnect well beyond the days of their daughter’s secondary education. Membership of Whitby Parents is automatic on your youngest daughter leaving St Hilda's and there is no subscription fee.

If you would like to get involved or your contact details have changed, contact our Coordinator, Sami Tadros, on 0419237207 or email.

Supporting Cocurricular activities

We also have the following groups that provide assistance for our Junior School and Senior School Cocurricular staff throughout each year:

FOLASH (Friends of the Library at St Hilda’s)

These volunteers assist in a variety of tasks from categorising, magnetising and shelving books to helping coordinate displays and Book Week activities.

MASH (Friends of Music at St Hilda’s)

These volunteers assist the Music Department with a variety of activities and functions.  This includes setting up for performances, assisting in serving refreshments or helping distribute promotional information.

DASH (Friends of Drama at St Hilda’s)

DASH assists the Drama Department with a variety of productions.  Volunteers help with everything from designing and making costumes, make-up, prop productions and set painting.

SupPORT (Friends of Sport at St Hilda’s)   

There are a large number of House and Inter-School sporting activities across St Hilda’s.  The level of parent support varies considerably depending on the sport involved.  The Head of Sport contacts parents according to their daughter’s involvement if help is required.

Rowing Support 

Rowing is offered for girls in Years 9-12.  We have a dedicated group of parents who provide support for rowing regattas, camps and social events.  

Volunteers in these groups are called upon on an ‘as needs’ basis. If you would like to be on our volunteer list for any of these groups, we would love to hear from you. Please email or call us on 9285 4256.