Do students have to be Anglican?

No. St Hilda’s students come from a range of religious backgrounds. All religions are respected and discussed in depth in Religious and Philosophical studies. The School provides an opportunity for students to experience Christian values and principles which are integral to daily life. For those who are interested in being confirmed in the Anglican faith, confirmation classes are available each year.

Are registration or confirming fees refundable?

No, neither the registration or confirming fee is refundable. Once paid, the confirming fee will, however, guarantee your daughter a place at the School for your nominated academic and calendar year. However, if you change your choice of entry, the School may not be able to guarantee that your daughter will be offered a place according to your new preference. The confirming fee does not come off your tuition fees.

Why Pay a Confirming Fee?

When you pay the Confirming Fee to secure your daughter’s place at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, you will be pleased to know that this money is used for the future benefit of the School and its students.

The St Hilda’s Foundation (Inc.), which was established in 1987 with the support of the School Council, to ensure a sound base for the long-term financial security and independence of the school, invests a proportion of the fee and maintains suitable and safe long term investment strategies.

The rest of the Fee is used by the School to supplement and improve school infrastructure for the benefit of our students. Council is committed to a long term building master plan to improve both the Chidley and Bay View campuses and these funds are essential to allow us to continue our development.

In what order are places offered?

Places are offered according to the date of registration. Where possible, siblings of current students and children/grandchildren of Old Scholars are given preference. Offers are made three years before the commencement date. If places become available due to changed circumstances, a second-round of offers may be made. All offers can be secured only by payment of the confirming fee.

Do I have to purchase a laptop?

No. St Hilda’s provides computing devices for students to use in the classroom when deemed appropriate by the classroom teacher.The School’s highly-advanced Intranet allows student access from home or anywhere in the world and features curricular-specific activities from the Early Learning Centre to Year 12. 

What is the cost for my daughter to attend the Tutoring Centre?

There is no cost. The innovative Tutoring Centre is just one of the all-inclusive services that St Hilda’s offers its Senior School students, to maximise each girl’s potential.

Can my daughter use public transport to school?

Yes. The School is well served by a network of public transport. School bus and general transport timetables are available from the Transperth website which also includes a journey planner. St Hilda’s operates its own special shuttle bus every school morning and afternoon between the School and Stirling Highway and Mosman Park Railway Station.  St Hilda’s operates bus services throughout the Southern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, Coogee and West Leederville.

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How do I work out my child’s correct entry year?

Use our Entry Year Calculator to work out your child’s correct entry year.

How many students are in a class?

Junior Kindergarten – a maximum of 20 students per class
Kindergarten – 20 students per class
Pre-Primary to Year 6 – 24 students
Year 7 to Year 12 – a maximum of 25 students

Does my daughter have to sit an exam as part of enrolment?

No, St Hilda’s is not a selective school. We do require copies of school reports and NAPLAN tests so that we can plan your daughter’s academic program. All students attend an interview either with the Principal or Head of Junior School six months before commencement. Girls may choose to sit for a scholarship in Senior School.

Can boys attend St Hilda’s?

Yes, in Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten.

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Can my daughter board at St Hilda’s?

Yes, your daughter is welcome to board from Year 7 to Year 12.