Application Extended Student Absence

Request for Extended Leave from Senior School during Term Time (Years 7 ‐ 12)

As stated in the School Education Act 1999, it is expected that students attend school for each day that it is open for instruction. Parents use this form when requesting extended absence (more than 3 days) during the term. Please submit for approval at least one month prior to a requested departure (except in extenuating circumstances).  The School prefers that students do not miss class time to ensure that all important coursework is completed and we ask that you please note the following: 

  • It is the student’s responsibility to inform their class teachers and maintain their study load whilst absent. 
  • It is not the responsibility of staff members to provide any lesson materials for students taking extended holiday/leave. 
  • Students are not permitted to sit assessments early or late. On return they may be able to sit the assessment for practice and feedback purposes. 
  • Leave requests for sporting representation at State or National level will be approved. Family holidays and overseas travel mean that:
    • 1. Missed assessments may affect academic progress or result in a lower than expected final grade.
    • 2. Years 11 and 12 Students who are absent for a scheduled assessment or examination will be assigned a zero score and may be deemed to have not completed the course.
    • 3. Any assignments due while students are away must be submitted before departure. 

Application for Extended Student Absence

Application for Extended Student Absence

I would like to request an extended leave of absence between the following days and dates:

(please indicate reason for request)

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