Gold Fields Australia Bursary

Gold Fields Australia is a world leader in sustainable gold mining.

Open to all current St Hilda’s Year 10 students, the Gold Fields Futures Program Bursary aims to provide St Hilda’s students with the financial support and guidance to embark on a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Health Services or Community Development.

The Futures Program is not only a financial investment in our youth, but a solid investment in our future workforce.

As a successful applicant of the Gold Fields Futures Program, you will receive financial support during your senior years of high school and continued support if you choose to complete a tertiary degree in medicine, occupational therapy, health sciences, community development or STEM. Gold Fields offers financial assistance during vacation programs and our graduate program. Further information can be found here.

Our world is one of change and at Gold Fields we value innovation and modernisation.

We look forward to partnering with St Hilda’s to provide these opportunities.


Stuart Matthews
Executive Vice President Gold Fields Australia


To Apply

The Gold Fields Futures Program is available to current Year 10 students who are focused on studying STEM subjects at ATAR level in Year 11 and 12 and have an active interest in a future career in the Resource sector.

Fill in the application form below. You will be required to upload the following:

  • 2 page (written or combination of writing and images) answering the following questions:
    • Why are you interested in studying STEM subjects?
    • What do you know about Gold Fields and the resources industry in Western Australia?
    • What is the role of STEM in the future world?
    • How important is a diverse future workforce and how important is diversity to you?
    • What changes would you like to make to the world of the future?
    • What are your future career goals?
  • A short 1 page CV covering any achievements, work experience, community service, cocurricular and hobbies.

Applications close 10 October 2023

Application Form