2018 Army Cadet Unit (SHASCU)

2018 Army Cadet Unit (SHASCU)

2018 Army Cadet Unit (SHASCU)

Medical details

With regard to student medical information, details will be taken from Student Medical Records. If medical updates are required please send through to the School’s Central File.

Does your daughter have special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose intolerant? If yes, please give details and reasons, and advise substitute foods.

Parent/Guardian consent

In signing this document for my daughter’s participation in the 2018 Army Cadet Unit (SHASCU) activities, I acknowledge that although the School and its staff will make every reasonable effort to assist my daughter and minimise exposure to known risks, all hazards and dangers associated whilst on camp cannot be foreseen or may be beyond the control of the School or its staff. I acknowledge that I have been provided with an itinerary for the associated activities.

I understand my daughter will not be directly supervised at all times, but that appropriate supervision and training where considered necessary will be provided for all organised activities.

I also understand that it is a condition of participation to provide accurate medical information on the Medical Information Form for the School’s database. I have informed the School of recent changes to the medical details including contact numbers. I agree, in the case of my daughter suffering an illness or injury, that the School, represented by the cadet personnel Mrs Angie Ranson and Captain Diana Boswarva, be authorised to obtain any necessary ambulance, medical assistance and/ or emergency evacuation services deemed appropriate for my daughter’s safety or wellbeing.

I authorise appropriately qualified medical or paramedical persons to administer medical treatment (including anaesthetics and blood transfusions) which, in their opinion,is required for my daughter.

I accept responsibility for any medical and other necessary costs incurred.

To the extent permitted by law, and in consideration of the School permitting the participation of the Student in the Activity, and on behalf of the Student and her parents and guardians:

  • we release the School and its staff from all claims, demands and proceedings by the Student or by us, arising out of participation by the Student in the activities now or at some time in the future; and
  • we hereby indemnify the School and its staff against all liability for  injury, loss or damage arising out of or connected with participation by the Student in the activities now or at some time in the future,

except to the extent of gross negligence, or a wilful act or omission, by the School or its staff.

By selecting the amount, I agree to have my credit card charged to pay for the 2018 Army Cadet Unit (SHASCU)