Enhanced Learning

The recent events, whilst tragic for many, have also led to positive changes, connections for families and rethinking of how education can be delivered. We have invested time and energy to reflect on what we do and believe we can do even better.  What we want to do is take the best aspects from our online learning experience, combine it with our high performing teaching practice and mix in the latest research based practices in order to form a new enhanced learning program. 

This ‘enhanced learning’ will see learning available to students anywhere and anytime, it will allow teachers to easily work collaboratively to develop even higher quality authentic lesson experiences.

Students will be able to interact with and move through tailored learning tasks more efficiently.  By having the learning visible in an online environment we can ensure that the structure of the learning matches contemporary practice.  The content can be adapted and improved at any time, students can move ahead or stop and seek extra support when and as they need it.  This new system will provide teachers with valuable data to that will result in a better understanding of the specific needs of each student.  Adding the more traditional face to face component will ensure that all the benefits of social interaction, direct instruction and well being further enhance the experience.

The following videos show St Hilda's online learning in action.

Westley Field - Dean of Pedagogy and Innovation has made a video on how St Hilda's is developing blended learning as part of our teaching best practice.