Early Learning

Early Learning

With light and airy indoor rooms and plenty of open space to run, jump, climb and explore, early learning at St Hilda’s is unlike many other child care or early learning centres you will visit.

Purpose built and located away from busy main roads, your child will enjoy a play-based and dynamic program with our teacher trained and experienced staff.

Girls: 3 – 7 years (Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Pre Primary, Year 1, Year 2)
Boys: 3 – 5 years (Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten)

We provide plenty of free parking and a separate entrance to ensure security and safety at all times.

Girls and boys at St Hilda’s learn with specialist staff for music, French and physical education at no extra cost and enjoy all the facilities our school offers such as swimming lessons in our 50 metre pool and visits to our library and technology centre. We also have an early intervention program with specialist speech and occupational therapy on site.

Our Early Learning Centre is run by our academic staff rather than child care workers. It is not outsourced and is an integral part of our St Hilda’s community. We are also experienced at managing childhood allergies and are allergy aware in our Junior School.

Don’t let your child miss out on an early learning experience at Perth’s leading independent school.

We’d love to meet you and show you around – call 08 9285 4100 or email enrol@sthildas.wa.edu.au to arrange your no obligation visit, or download our Registration Form.

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Junior Kindergarten

In Junior Kindergarten, three year olds can attend either two, three or five days a week.

Our Early Years Learning Framework informs a creative play-based curriculum enabling children to connect with each other and their world; to have a strong sense of well-being and be confident and effective learners.

Pastoral Care is a core part of the program which helps to make links between home and school and exposes children to a range of virtues and values appropriate to this age group.

Junior Kindergarten students benefit from activites in the gymnasium and the library as well as specialist music classes.

Junior Kindergarten


The curriculum in the two full-time Kindergarten classes for 3 and half to 4 and half year-old boys and girls recognises that children are competent and resourceful learners.

The curriculum aims to extend learning in a program which engages curiosity and questioning and encourages exploratory and purposeful play.

Highly trained early years educators assess, anticipate and extend children’s learning in a play-based setting.

Kindergarten students benefit from specialist music, physical education, library, computer and languages classes as well as a continuing strong pastoral care focus.



The 2 Pre-Primary classes are based across the path from the Early Learning Centre with Year 1 and Year 2, demonstrating the progression to compulsory schooling.

The students are gradually introduced to our House system, as well as assemblies and chapel services.

The program builds on the Early Years Learning Framework used in Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten, melding seamlessly with Australian Curriculum ensuring that the foundational dispositions, knowledge and skills underpinning learning success are well established.

Class teachers and educational assistants differentiate the curiculum and explicitly teach English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Technologies and Health in an integrated and inquiry approach.

Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education, Languages, Religious and Philosophical Education are taught by specialist teachers.

The Pre-Primary students access the custom-made Visual Arts and Music rooms as well as the library, gymnasium and playing fields.

They also enjoy learning in the local environment, taking advantage of an area steeped in history and geography as well as the river and natural landscape.


Years 1 - 2

St Hilda’s provides differentiated programs that are appropriately challenging for all students. Literacy support and numeracy extension is provided by specialist staff. Students with different learning needs are accommodated through multimodal and small group teaching in the humanities and science areas. Specific learning, emotional and social needs are further supported by the School Psychologist and external specialists such as speech and occupational therapists.

The class teacher teaches English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Technologies and Health.

Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Physical Education, Languages including Japanese, French and Chinese as second languages and Religious and Philosophical Education are taught by specialist teachers. The Chidley site has specialised spaces including an art room, music rooms, gymnasium, dance studio, library and multipurpose areas. The students have access to a heated swimming pool and 900 seat Performing Arts Centre.

There is a strong pastoral care and virtues program which addresses the social and emotional development of students, community service and civics and citizenship.

Leadership opportunities are offered throughout the school. In Years 1 and 2, all students belong to a House system which means they are involved in a range of mixed-age sporting and other activities organised and led by Year 6 House officials.

Cocurricular Program

Students can choose from a range of cocurricular activities offered before and after class times. These include Sport, Music, Art, Speech and Drama, Debating, History, Chess, Language and Dance. Some activities are also conducted during lunchtimes such as Chess, Languages Club and outdoor sport-based games.

A range of instrument and voice lessons is offered by peripatetic staff which are conducted before, during and after the school day.

Before and After School

Early Learning students have access to a wrap-around before and after school service called Extend-ED which incorporates breakfast, afternoon tea with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Extend-ED is based in our Early Learning Centre, run by experienced St Hilda's staff and is available from 7.00am to the start of school and from the end of school until 6.00pm.

Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care team consists of the class teacher, School Psychologist, School Chaplain and Head of Junior School. The team provides programs, advice and support in the areas of academic learning, friendship, emotional development and cyberbullying. The School keeps abreast of current research and implements programs to develop resilience, persistence and self-esteem.