Life and Learning

Life and Learning

Student life and learning at St Hilda’s is engaging and innovative. It is important to us that each child feels happy, challenged and valued. We strive to do this in several ways. Click on the headings below:

Broad Curriculum

Our broad curriculum in the classroom and beyond encourages each student to discover her individual passions and talents from the Arts, Humanities, Maths and Sciences or personal challenge programs, sport and outdoor education. The confidence and self-esteem which comes from discovering what is unique about yourself and doing it well flows over into all other aspects of life and learning.

Seamless Junior Kindergarten to Year 12 Curriculum

St Hilda’s has a seamless JK-Year 12 curriculum which ensures students’ development is not hampered by unnecessary, often difficult, transitions. Within this seamlessness we are very developmentally aware.

A differentiated curriculum means each student has the opportunity to progress when she is ready in order to build skills and move easily to the next challenge. St Hilda’s girls are encouraged to be self-motivated, independent learners who can set goals and carry them through.

Proactive pastoral care

St Hilda’s has a sequential, proactive pastoral care program. We work hard to anticipate social and peer group challenges and to equip students to deal with issues before they occur. The pastoral curriculum is overseen by our School Psychologists and delivered by classroom teachers in Junior Kindergarten to Year 6 and by Heads of Year and tutors in Years 7 to 12.

Technology rich

St Hilda’s is a technology rich school. We have a reputation for being at the forefront of educationally sound Information Communication Technology. Our technological environment provides just the right up-to-date tool where and when it is needed.

Anglican foundation

St Hilda’s is an Anglican school. We are a community that models Christian values, and respects the wide range of beliefs represented in our school. Students take part in a variety of Chapel services in the Anglican tradition, community service activities and Religious and Philosophical Studies. Everyone has the opportunity to understand the importance of beliefs and values and to learn about the many ways different cultures express their faith.