Annabelle spreads Christmas cheer

Annabelle spreads Christmas cheer

Friday 8 December

Annabelle, along with the Junior School Community Service Committee, made over 80 food packs for the homeless

Determined to make a difference this Christmas, incoming Year 12 student Annabelle Elias created more than 80 food packs for those in need.

Annabelle, who has been appointed Head Sacristan for 2018, organised a food drive at to assist St George’s Cathedral with their support for the homeless program.

“My two brothers were in the St George’s Cathedral Choir for 9 years,” Annabelle said.
“At times we would see homeless people come in and directly ask for food, and many would be turned away as they did not have enough.
“I knew I had to do something about it.”

Annabelle said it was a photograph display of homeless people at St George’s Cathedral that really opened up her eyes to homelessness.

“I went with Mrs Kiepe to the display, and there were people there that said they had been taken away from their families and did not have a home,” she said.

“Whereas if you asked someone here, one of the worst things to happen to them may be not having a phone. It made me realise that the problems we face aren’t really that bad.”

Annabelle organised students in the Senior School to bring non-perishable food items such as tuna, baked beans, muesli bars, and juice boxes throughout Term 4.

After the collection, Annabelle enlisted the help of the Junior School Community Service Committee to make more than 80 food packs; a way to spread awareness of homelessness throughout the whole School.

The Very Reverend Richard Pengelley, Dean of Perth, was so impressed by Annabelle’s efforts that he wrote a letter of commendation to Mrs Kiepe.

“Annabelle is to be commended for her vision and compassion,” he said.

“(The food packs) will come in very handy as we head towards Christmas, a very difficult time for those in need.”

Annabelle said she hoped to run a food drive every term next year.

“10 to 30 people come to St George’s asking for food each day, and many turned away because there is not enough,” she said.

“The more we can help the better – with this food drive you know exactly where it’s going and you know it’s helping people.

“I think that your parents are giving you a lot so why not help others who aren’t as lucky as you?”