Healthy snacks prepared for Year 10 Odyssey

Healthy snacks prepared for Year 10 Odyssey

Friday 28 July

Year 10 Food Technology students have been busy cooking up a storm in preparation for the upcoming Year 10 Odyssey to Wooleen Station.

Students in Mrs Colleen Mayer’s and Ms Toni Flanagan’s classes made a variety of muesli bars and slices, which were then dry packed, ready to take to camp at the end of Week 3.

“The two classes made Anzac slices, blueberry granola bars, apricot flapjacks and raw superfood bars,” Mrs Mayer said.

“They made around 20 trays of each – 80 in total – which made 960 individuals slices/bars.”

Mr Matt Berry, Head of Outdoor Education, said the initiative created positive links between departments, as well as provided a healthy, energy-appropriate snack. 

“There are enough bars and slices for each student on the camp to have one per day,” Mr Berry said.

“The idea was to give the students pride and ownership of their food, while also reducing excess plastic packaging that shop bought muesli bars have.”

Image: Students in Mrs Mayer’s class cook up a storm.