From little things

From little things

Wednesday 28 June

L to R: Sophie Sutherland, Shani Chalumuri, Rebecca Andrawes and Elana Godfrey with some of the small succulents.

According to the well known song lyrics by Paul Kelly, from little things big things grow and that’s exactly the challenge laid down by the Environment Committee for our Year 7s. The Committee is promoting the concept of sustainability across the Senior School and has asked each Year 7 tutor group to care for a small succulent plant until the end of Year 12.

According to Shani Chalmuri (Year 10) the Environment Committee is hoping the succulents will be a constant sustainability reminder for the students. “We chose a plant that is easy to care for and incredibly waterwise. It’s a fun idea but we also hope that it illustrates that each group has to work as a team to keep the plant alive for six years and that is fundamental to our sustainability message – everybody just has to do a little but often.”

Sophie Sutherland (Year 7) believes her group has the will to go the distance until the end of their school days. “I think we are going to have the largest and healthiest plant in Year 12 but it will be interesting to see if we can remain committed.”

While the environment committee members will be long gone from St Hilda’s when the plants reach their six year milestone, Shani is committed to returning to see how it all turned out. Similarly Sophie is confident that in Year 12, the class of 2022 will be bequeathing the plants to the Year 7s of the same year.