St Hilda’s girls just keep swimming

St Hilda’s girls just keep swimming

Wednesday 8 March

Nerves before a race are to be expected, but when it’s the biggest race of the year it can be daunting for even the most confident swimmers.

Paralympian and Gold medalist Katrina Porter was the perfect candidate to speak to St Hilda’s girls about their nerves and how to believe in themselves for the biggest race of their year on Friday: the Independent Girl Schools Sports Association (IGSSA) Swimming Carnival.

“They’ve worked hard and they’ve done the preparation so I just wanted them to have that self-belief, knowing they’ve done the work to get to where they want to be,” Miss Porter said.

“They started training way back in October so they’ve done all the work that is required, and now it’s just about going through the motions and doing what they’ve been training to do.”

Miss Porter competed in the Athens, Beijing and London Olympics, describing the experience of competing for Australia as “unbelievable”.

“I love talking to audiences about my experiences, especially young girls.

“They are so impressionable - especially nowadays with social media and their direction in life.

“I like to instill in them to take time out and think of themselves – to self-reflect and know where they want to be.”

St Hilda’s Swimming Captain Chloe Jones said Miss Porter’s talk was the inspiration she needed to swim confidently during the race.

“Katrina’s speech was really great in telling everyone that this race isn’t everything and that there is more to swimming,” she said.

“I love the team spirit – the night is so amazing. There’s nothing else that compares to it.”

St Hilda’s has won the competition for five years in a row.