Olympic legend inspires swimmers

Olympic legend inspires swimmers

Monday 27 March

Having Olympic swimming great Libby Trickett visit the St Hilda’s Pool could be the highlight of the year for the members of the St Hilda’s Swim Club.

Everyone from eight to eighteen years was enthralled with the four-time gold medallist and Swimming WA Ambassador as she told her tale of persistence and determination from a young age, explaining her rigorous training regime and journey to becoming one of Australia’s Olympic darlings.

“The one thing I always try to press upon people from my experience in my swimming is to love it: it’s such a joy” she said.

“That makes it easier to go through the hard times, like when you have to work really hard and you have to push your body and test your boundaries, when you have to work through an injury or an illness. If you have that real love of it it’s all worth it at the end.”

Libby engaged the 100-strong crowd of St Hilda’s Swim Club children and parents with a lively question and answer session, answering all of their questions from what her favourite swimming stroke is to what her training schedule involved.

“They ask what they’re interested in and I love to be able to give that to them, if I can,” she said.

Audience members heard facts – amongst priceless advice – through the Q&A including that her least favourite stroke is breaststroke, she swum between 45km and 75km per week for eight years and that she has raced Michael Phelps.

St Hilda’s Swimming Captain Chloe Jones said the session with Libby was a valuable experience.

“Her message about resilience and how much determination and passion she has for the sport is really great for people to hear,” Chloe said.

“How much she loved it is just so inspiring.”

Libby competed, and won gold, in the 2004 Athens Olympics, 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics and was a five-time world record holder.

The club won a competition to hear from the swimming legend after entering the most swimmers into the upcoming Optus Junior Dolphins Carnival.

Photo: St Hilda’s Swimming Captain and Club Member Chloe Jones and St Hilda’s Swim Club Member Olivia Spadanuda with Olympian Libby Trickett.