99.90 - What's in a number?

99.90 - What's in a number?

Friday 2 March

99.90 - What’s in a number?

Achieving an ATAR of 99.90 – the top 0.1 percent of the state – is no mean feat. 2017 graduate Claudia Sullivan is an example that here at St Hilda’s, it is not just about the destination, it is about the journey.

Claudia came to St Hilda’s in Year 8, after living all around the world during her childhood.

“I was born in Perth, then we moved to Scotland when I was six months old, then we lived in Houston (Texas), Rio de Janeiro and Brisbane before coming back to Perth,” she said.

“But it was so easy to fit in and everyone was so friendly from the start. The orientation program was fantastic and the Arts Fest held at the end of Term 1, especially when you’re new, is just so much fun and a great way to make friends. I’ve always remembered that.”

Claudia said the School's pastoral care was another factor that contributed to her success.

“All the teachers give you so much help, they seriously give up so much of their time,” she said.

“I asked them to help before exams and they did; it’s just such a supportive and encouraging environment at St Hilda’s.

“Our Head of Year (Jo Swain) was amazing – always willing to help because she knew we were stressed, and the Year 12 Officials also put in effort to make it fun and make sure it wasn’t just study, study, study.”

Claudia said the myriad of extracurricular activities on offer also helped her with her studies.

“I was involved in Cross Country, Athletics and Tennis for most of School,” she said.

“It was a good way to keep the balance so I didn’t go crazy with study, and with training in the morning, it made it pretty easy to take part.”

As well as achieving a Certificate of Distinction in Mathematics Specialist, Claudia achieved exceptional results in Mathematics Methods, Chemistry, Physics and English, leading to being accepted into the prestigious Bachelor of Philosophy course at UWA, which offers only 40 places each year.

 “I will also be doing a double degree in Engineering and Finance,” she said.
 “St Hilda’s definitely influenced me to go down the engineering path – I would never think I can’t do engineering because I’m a woman. Around this environment you’re never put down; they’re so encouraging of Science and Maths (STEAM) subjects.”

“St Hilda’s is more than just academic – it’s not just about studying and succeeding, it’s about the balance, there’s so much on offer.
“St Hilda’s sets you up for pretty much anything you want to do.”