Announcement from Chair of Council

Announcement from Chair of Council

Wednesday 2 May

Ms Deidre Willmott, Chair of Council, has today advised the St Hilda’s community that Mrs Kim Kiepe has been appointed Principal of Somerville House in Brisbane, commencing January, 2019.

Somerville House has a reputation as a leader in education and this is an outstanding opportunity for Mrs Kiepe that also enables her to return to her home town of Brisbane and her family. While we are very sad that this means Mrs Kiepe will leave St Hilda’s, we congratulate her on this appointment and appreciate her professional and personal reasons for taking up the role at Somerville House

We are very pleased that Mrs Kiepe will take up her new appointment at the beginning of 2019, so that she is able to continue her full commitment to St Hilda’s for the rest of 2018.  She has committed to working with the incoming Principal to ensure there is a seamless transition for the school at all levels of activity, including staff, students and families.

By the time Mrs Kiepe takes on her new role she will have been at St Hilda’s for four years and made a wide range of contributions to the school, including working with Council to create the Strategic Focus 2020 and the Educational Plan to inform the development of the School’s Master Plan. She has also progressed St Hilda’s digital transition with a range of new communication platforms.

Above all Mrs Kiepe has progressed the school’s vision of preparing girls for the future by developing their tenacity, confidence and compassion.

Ms Willmott said This is an outstanding appointment which reflects most positively on Mrs Kiepe’s  expertise and experience, as well as on St Hilda’s. We are very proud of Mrs Kiepe and all that she has achieved at the School.”

Mrs Kiepe said I am absolutely delighted to have had the opportunity to lead at St Hilda’s. It is a wonderful school. I have also been grateful to work with the School Council, to consider what would be best for all students. Their active support has been truly appreciated. We are very proud of every student who attends the School and I am absolutely confident that St Hilda’s has a great future and will continue to make the best contribution to girls’ education.”

The School Council will immediately commence the process of searching for a new Principal to commence in 2019 and continue the tradition of strong leadership that has built St Hilda’s long-standing history.  Council will be seeking a Principal who has a focus on best educational practice and learning environments to serve our students into the future.