Annual Giving Appeal 2018

Annual Giving Appeal 2018

Friday 25 May

On behalf of the staff and students at St Hilda’s, I invite you to support our Annual Giving Appeal this year.
Thank you to everyone who has supported our previous campaigns. Your contribution has helped hundreds of students enjoy coming to school, growing as individuals and achieving academic success. We need to build on this again in 2018.

Annual giving is the foundation of philanthropy at St Hilda’s. It is a way of giving back or giving a little extra, based on the principle that many people coming together and giving modest gifts, can make a big difference. Collectively we can immediately support projects requiring attention that cannot be funded from school fees.

Annual giving is exactly that – there is no ongoing commitment and all donations regardless of size are very much appreciated and warmly received. This year your donations can be directed to our fully tax deductible Building or Scholarship Funds.

Every gift matters – please make your donation today by clicking here or filling out the form in the Annual Giving Brochure. We need your support to continue our commitment to develop girls with tenacity, confidence and compassion. 

Thank you so much for your help.

Kim Kiepe