Maiden visits St Hilda's

Maiden visits St Hilda's

Tuesday 2 April

Before Maiden and her all female crew had arrived into Fremantle, the Maiden’s school team visited our Junior School. The team gave an inspiring presentation about the Maiden’s history, how Tracy Edwards and the original all-female crews battled to be taken seriously nearly 30 years ago and how recruiting an all-female team to start the world’s toughest yacht race was a huge challenge.

Once the Maiden all female crew arrived, some Year Six Representatives went down to the Fremantle Sailing Club. Welcomed on board by Skipper Wendy Tuck, and two new members of the crew Iona Taylor and Ayesha Lobo, the girls were able to explore the Maiden above and below deck, learn about all the equipment and have a go on the winches and wheels.

The St Hilda’s girls handed the ‘Message of Hope’ baton to the crew before boarding, which Maiden will carry around the world. The baton contains messages of hope and solidarity to girls across the world who are unable to access an education. All the messages written by schools will be displayed on the Maiden Factor website.

Later in the week, the girls who had visited Fremantle brought a 360 square metre sail to the school which was laid out in the Cortile. A group of girls added their hand prints to the ever growing rainbow spiral of school children’s hands from around the world.

The girls were very engaged in all aspects of this experience and were not afraid to ask the tough questions.  A huge thank you to Teresa Richards who organised this experience for the girls and for giving them the opportunity to reflect and understand that there is still a long way to go in achieving equality.