Who are our St Hilda's Girls?

Who are our St Hilda's Girls?

Friday 2 August

As I have enjoyed getting to know our St Hilda’s and Perth community during my first semester as Principal, two questions have regularly come my way.

  • How are you enjoying St Hilda’s?

  • What are St Hilda’s girls like?

The answer to question one is short and concise - "Amazing, the best job in the world!"  

The answer to question two is SO much more.

I have carefully observed our girls behaviours, attitudes, values and principles over the semester and have started to develop an understanding of ‘who and what’ our St Hilda’s girls stand for. By observing our girls’ character strengths, I have learnt the true value of a St Hilda’s education.

I cherish the contributions our girls make to our school each and every day and speak with great confidence when I am asked about our school’s secret to success.

Our secret is our girls.

Our girls are brave and recognise that the world would be a very dull place if no one ever rocked the boat.

Our girls are visionary and understand that if their biggest goals are easily reached, then they are thinking too small.

Our girls have a can do attitude. They fear regret more than failure and understand that failure is an event, not a person.

Our girls value personal excellence and recogise that excellence is never an accident but the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution.  They have the vision to see obstacles as opportunities and appreciate that every great accomplishment is the result of a thousand small steps.

Our girls recognise that emotional intelligence is a key ingredient for positive relationships.

Our girls give the best they can with what they have, where they are, starting now. They give their best today.

Our girls recognise that they are responsible for their happiness. They don’t abdicate responsibility for others to make them happy and don’t blame others when they are not.

Our girls are grateful and know the secret to having it all is knowing that they already do.

Our girls choose kindness.

Our girls value and respect our culture of care.

Our girls own their own journey.

Our girls are generous with encouragement and lift others.

Our girls are risk takers.

Our girls are confident and give no one permission to make them feel small.

Our girls embrace opportunity and understand that life rewards actions, not indecision.

Our girls are internationally minded and value the opportunity to share similarities and celebrate differences.

Our girls are community minded and work for the cause, not the applause.

Our girls know how to make sense of unfamiliar contexts and blend in.
Our girls value fun and laughter.                                                                                                           

Our girls own their individuality and resist conformity respectfully and appropriately.

Our girls know what they stand for and live bravely and courageously.

Our girls understand that resilience is not what they have, it’s what they do. They are known for their determination and appreciate that all things are difficult before they are easy.

Our girl are authentic. They speak from their heart, not their ego.

Our girls understand that if they don’t go through life with an open mind, they will find a lot of closed doors.

Our girls know the power of acceptance and its capacity to create a sense of belonging.

Every girl may not individually display all the behaviours identified above (yet!), however we are reminded that our girls are all on their individual journey of growth and mature at different stages. Our girls all have the intellect and understanding to appreciate the importance of each and that is an excellent start.

I know our girls will continue to inspire those around them and continue to shine!