Transition to SEQTA

Transition to SEQTA

Friday 16 August

Following a review in Term 2 of our current Teaching and Learning Management System, a decision has been made by the School to transition our community (girls, staff and parents) to a new education platform in January 2020. This decision follows a considerable period of frustration, particularly from staff and parents, in relation to our current platform and its inability to meet our School’s requirements, particularly in the areas of student and parents’ access to girls’ ongoing progress, results and feedback in real time.

St Hilda’s will be transitioning to SEQTA. Many of our staff are already familiar with SEQTA from their experiences in other schools and some of our parents will also be accustomed with this platform, if they have children attending other independent schools.

SEQTA is a collaborative teaching and learning management system which will provide us with formative evaluation possibilities, continuous paperless reporting and an opportunity for formal and informal feedback from both staff and student perspective. It will provide an enhanced experience in communicating your daughter’s progress and more opportunities for us to work together towards improved outcomes.

From a parent’s perspective, our new platform will strengthen parental engagement by connecting you directly with your daughter’s progress, assessment schedule, staff and student feedback, to guide continued growth and achievement. The advantages from a staff and student perspective are many, including additional analysis capabilities in comparison to the capabilities of our current platform, increased streamlining of curriculum planning and mapping opportunities and improved documentation, tracking and trend identification relating to pastoral care and attendance.

An in-house team with key staff has been established to lead our transition to SEQTA. Full implementation of SEQTA is planned for 2021. I look forward to updating you on further developments on our transition to SEQTA as we approach 2020.