Friday 22 February

Through the exploration of stories of injustice, our girls were encouraged to deepen their understanding of the importance of justice, its place in society and its place at St Hilda’s.  

Justice is something that we can practice every day. How we treat others has an impact on our lives, our future and the lives of others. There are things we can all do together, at St Hilda’s, each day to make a difference:

  • Be inclusive;

  • Be honest and fair in all that we do;

  • Show empathy and compassion;

  • Think about what is best for everyone, not just what’s best for us;

  • Help or take action if we notice that someone is being treated unfairly;

  • Respect all regardless of their race, background, origin, gender or religion; and

  • Play by the rules, they are there for the interest of all.

Remember to choose kindness before anything else and you can’t go wrong.