Extension and Enrichment

Extension and Enrichment

Friday 21 June

Learning and engagement is at the heart of a St Hilda’s education.

It is terrific to see our girls embracing a wide breadth of extension and enhancement opportunities and making the most of the incredible activities on offer. For any parent involved in the very early morning drop-off for rowing, sport, music and/or extension programs and the late afternoon/early evening pick up, you will see the high level of student traffic on campus outside of lesson times.

In recognition of the diversity of interests, passions and skills of our girls, we offer a range of extension and enrichment experiences and opportunities that extend beyond the classroom to provide our girls with skills for the future. The development of enterprise skills is vital to prepare our girls for the economy of the future so that they can become job creators, not just job seekers and navigate more complex careers.

Our extension opportunities are designed to extend, nurture, challenge and delight our girls’ interests, learning desires and passion. These experiences not only provide personal extension and growth but the opportunity to enhance and extend their learning, engage and broaden their friendships, mix vertically with girls from other year levels and interact with like-minded girls who share similar interest and curiosities.

Our girls have access to extending their future ready skills by putting their hand up and getting involved. To assist our girls in choosing extension activities, we have highlighted the skills below, associated with our future ready offerings:

  • Initiative and innovation

  • Creativity, curiosity and imagination

  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Adaptability

  • Team work and collaboration

  • Communication and interpersonal skills

  • Financial and digital literacy

  • Accessing and analyzing information

  • Global citizenship

  • Life skills (negotiation, advocacy, empathy, morality and ethics)

Our incredible offerings would not be possible without a magnificent team of dedicated and passionate teachers who so generously give of their time and commitment to ensure our girls are blessed with a holistic and enriched education. A schools greatest gift is their staffing community and on behalf of St Hilda’s I would like to thank and acknowledge the exceptional commitment of our staff who go above and beyond, over and over again.