St Hilda's Tute Centre

St Hilda's Tute Centre

Friday 21 June

The Tute Centre is a hive of activity where students can clarify and solidify concepts learned in class.

In quality education, expectations are set at a healthy high and St Hilda’s has numerous strategies in place to support the girls to meet their academic goals. The Tutoring Centre is an innovative hub of academic support for students in Years 7 to 12 who are welcome to attend as often as the need arises.

Three afternoons each week from 3:30pm, specialist teachers from all subject areas are available for one-on-one or small group teaching and learning. Students may need to clarify a concept taught in class, or may be seeking extension work to improve their marks. Individualised instruction helps girls to reach their academic goals and take charge of their learning.

The Centre’s Coordinator, Vicki McAlinden, teaches students how to maximise exam time and study and research effectively. She is available each day at lunchtime and after school to assist with essay writing, time management and study skills.

Differentiated programs of study are devised for girls who require adjusted timetables due to illness, elite sport commitments or particular circumstances.