Ammbi's Sculpture by the Sea

Ammbi's Sculpture by the Sea

Friday 1 March

Ammbi Muir, a 2017 St Hilda’s graduate from Leonora, Western Australia, is following in her grandmother’s steps at exploring cultural expression by adapting new mediums to tell their stories.

Alongside studying at the University of New South Wales, Ammbi in her spare time has drawn on her passion for art to create a ceramic sculpture piece based off her grandmother’s painting, Seven Sisters Rockholes. Ammbi’s inspiration and meaning behind the artwork is explained in the following video.

We went and visited Ammbi at the sculptures to grasp the motivation behind her project. While finishing the final coat on her artwork, Ammbi explained to us that during her time at St Hilda’s she went on excursions to Sculptures by the Sea and it was the inspiration for her decision to apply for this year’s event. We are so pleased to see that Ammbi’s work is now being celebrated at the 2019 Sculptures by the Sea. Her hard work over four months to create the detailed and well thought out piece has certainly paid off. We look forward to seeing much more from Ammbi in representing the next generation of Aboriginal artists to carry the culture and traditions of the old ways into new and unique mediums today.

Click the photos below to see the details of Ammbi’s piece.