Friday 1 March

What does confidence look like at St Hilda’s?

There are so many examples to share with you from my first few weeks on campus. Our girls smiled a lot. This is great sign of confidence. Our girls walk proudly when being acknowledged for their achievements in assemblies and are mindful of their posture and stance. Our girls speak with care when addressing and leading their peers. I’ve seen this in House Choir Practices, at the Inter-House Swimming Carnivals, at lunch times in our Junior School. Our girls seek out new opportunities and embraced them wholeheartedly.

St Hilda’s girls are encouraged by our staff to never fear failure and this is possible because, as a school, we recognise that this can take time and that the learning environment and culture is vital in the development of confidence.

There is nothing more encouraging to see St Hilda’s girls celebrating others. It has been reassuring to see that they are not threatened by other girl’s achievements and success. They don’t take girls down to make themselves feel good and they understand that comparing themselves to others is very limiting. Through their journey at St Hilda’s, our girls are learning that their happiness comes from within and in order to be confident in what they do, they know they have to be confident in who they are.

Importantly, our girls are learning to recognise the difference between confidence and arrogance. This is a very fine line and one that may require guidance and careful navigation. Once they understand the difference, they are well positioned for success in future working lives and in relationships.

Knowing that small steps are the way to build confidence and that celebrating the small steps, and doing them well, is a great start to their self-confidence journey, because developing confidence is a journey, not a destination.