Importance of Self-Discipline

Importance of Self-Discipline

Friday 15 March

Self-discipline can be learnt and practiced. Good habits formed young can make all the difference. Below are some ideas on how we can support our girls to form good habits?

  • Gratitude – Encourage our girls to be grateful for the things they have, not constantly wanting for things they don’t have;

  • Forgiveness – Teach our girls the power of forgiveness. Our girls will be amazed at what a change in mindset can do in redirecting their focus;

  • Active Goal Setting – Goals give our girls direction and empower them to be the captains of their own ship;

  • Healthy Eating – We all know the importance of nourishment and healthy eating. A well-fuelled body provides our girls with the energy to achieve their goals. A diet too high in sugar and fats makes them lethargic and more prone to mood swings;

  • Sleep – Research proves that a lack of sleep affects our mood, motivation and ability to think and process information clearly, so plenty of sleep is important;

  • Exercise – We have all heard the saying 'healthy body, health mind'. Encourage our girls to participate in sport, jogging, swimming, or simply a daily walk;

  • Organisation – An organised life is a disciplined life. The skills of organisation can be built over time, one small step at a time;

  • Time Management – If our girls learn to manage their time well, they will have time for the things that really matter;

  • Persistence – Achieving goals is hard and getting discouraged is easy. We all know that giving up takes less effort. Having someone to motivate our girls when the going gets tough can really help. Encourage our girls to focus on the desired end result and get them to describe what it would feel like if they achieved it. Remind them that they need to experience failure in order to develop persistence. One is not learnt without the other.