Friday 22 March

A St Hilda’s education aspires our girls to develop skills of perseverance and persistence, to be warriors instead of princesses. Last Friday night at the IGSSA Swimming Competition, I witnessed first-hand the character and spirit of our girls. Over the last seven years, St Hilda’s has won the IGSSA Swimming Competition. Our girls were aiming for an eight consecutive win. They trained hard, were focussed and committed, motivated and driven. They were aiming to bring home the trophy, only this year they didn’t. They came third and we couldn’t be prouder because our girls gave everything. They swam their fastest, they cheered each other on and they demonstrated exceptional team spirit. They did their absolute best.

What moved me most on the night was the sound of the incredible cheer from our girls when Iona Presentation College was announced as 2019 IGSSA Swimming winners. It was genuine and authentic. They too had trained hard and performed exceptionally well on the night. It was their time to sparkle.

Our St Hilda’s girls at that moment demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship and spirit. Yes, they were disappointed. Yes, that disappointment will take a little time to get over, but I know our girls will not lose hope as there is always next year and the year after. Disappointment presents opportunities to grow. Setbacks are of course part of life’s journey and while disappointment is never fun, it’s not a bad emotion to experience and plays a huge part in our girl’s development both emotionally and socially.

It was wonderful to celebrate what the girls had accomplished at the post-swimming celebrations back at school and feel the buzz, energy and optimism of the team. Together they shared highlights of the night, which included winning the Year 7 and Year 10 Year Level Champions and many personal bests. Thank you to our Swimming Captains, staff and swimming coaches for an exceptional season of swimming.

One thing I know for sure - our girls are made of strong stuff!